Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Goatboy's Tuesday

Won't have much to show this week - being gone for a lot of it obviously.  Let's get in some rants first.

1. Postal Service - 3 Knights that were supposed to get to a Client on Monday didn't get there till Wednesday night.  They were damaged but repairable.  Makes me mad cuz he needed them for Adepticon.  Still he was happy with them and will probably add more guard to the army :).  Also another item going to Canada has just left customs there after more then 2 weeks?  Meh!

2. Tournament 40k - Man events need more LOS terrain, do something about these lists, and I don't know what else.  I think Battle Bros is going to be the first thing dropped then maybe something about rerollable saves.  Will see.

3. Losing your voice sucks.

Ok basic rants - just wanted to get annoyances off my chest.  Let's write up a paint list for my week and go from there.  I also need to find someone locally good at repairing house stuff.  Meh!

Plastic Dudesmen - Idea gotten, need to draw it.  Combo off of Ben Mohile, Alicia, and Wyatt.  Probably others but it is funny.  Hopefully I can draw it.
Article - kind of a shout out to TO's to hopefully do something - will see
Slaanesh Knight Titan - Starting my first personal Titan.  I know someone else was thinking of asking me to chaos some Titans up so I figured I would start on my corrupted Househould of Flesh.  Think of bodies embedded in the legs and all kinds of fun stuff.
Figure out Knight Lists
Start on Frontline Art - got one drawn - need 7 more.
Work on Artist interview questions for future articles.

Piranaha #1 - Build & Paint
Piranaha #2 - Build & Paint
Got 2 Broadsides to do too - but probably next week.

10 Ultramarine Tacticals - Build & Paint
10 Assault Marines - Build & Paint
3 Centurions - Build & Paint

Draigo customer build - need to start getting it together and planning it out

Customer Daemon Restore/Paint
10 Plague Bearers

Captain America 2: Winter Solider was awesome.  People should see it.  So much better then I expected and I can't wait for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Sorry no battle reports.  It was kind of lackluster and I don't feel like writing up me being whiney.  Just know some games were good - a lot were boring.  So leave it at that.  Right now I am just focusing on getting the Hobby side done for a bit with some list ideas as usual.  But I have to jet off to work so I can pay my bills.  Dancing doesn't cut it no more haha.

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