Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quick Post before I head to bed

I painted a lot this weekend.  I took Friday off and had Monday as well.  Got the carpet ordered - hopefully get the car thing resolved sometime next week and hopefully keep my bank account from bleeding way too much.  That is always the hope.

Celebrated 5 awesome years of marriage with the lovely wife this Friday.  Man we got married at one of the hottest times in Texas haha.  Still - I hope for 5 more years of my wife looking at me like I am crazy for being so obsessed with plastic figures.  I probably bought the last major thing for me - Nagash book today.  I really like the fluff.  Shit the Chaos one might change that - but hell I could always sell my Chaos Knights.

Those who were at Nova - sorry I couldn't make it.  Hopefully my Chaos knights look good being piloted by Gareth.  I should get them back sometime this week.  If I get lucky I can have them by the weekend for a local event.  I hope anyway haha.  Let's do the paint list.

Some more art to do and get done before the weekend.  Hope to get some early morning time on Saturday.  I got some more orders so will see what I can get done.
I might get some time to build that Chaos Warlord/Daemon Prince Dreadknight idea I have the parts for.  Plus I got some other parts to for more Goat wolves.

5 More Devs - Primed
1 Apocathery - Primed
I think 15 or so more marines

3 More Rhinos
Then I get to look at the new box of stuff

More Necro ork goodness

Land Raider to replace the GK.  Inquisitor style - probably red based with a grey set of colors to break it apart.

1 Jugger Chaos Lord Primed
2 Mauler fiends

5 Horse guys from Cryx
Small caster dude
Some other weird Merc guy with a mask

I have other stuff too - will see if I pull them out to get them started.  Don has some Warmachine stuff I am waiting to knock out some other things more.  It just never ends for me eh?  I think I crave consistent working environments.

Ok - some models no real army lists. I don't have time to break apart some ideas until I get all my toys back hah.

Man this jerk looks cool.  There are some more crazy things - built by White Metal Games

This is the Dark Age combo I talked about in my Bols article. Wings are from the Balrog I randomly had.  Yeah for being a bits hoarder.

More Flesh Tearers.

This initial batch is nearing its end!

We got super fists!

Did this one Tonight.  Painted 3 so far.

Did these guys yesterday.

He was done last night too. First Kharn ever too.

Same with these guys.  Plus that Dark Age Daemon Prince too - went a little nutty Labor day.

Oh yeah - some art - text is going to go on it and some other tweaking.

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