Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wut - Another Thursday Post - oh my goodness

Woohoo - this weekend was a crazy amount of work.  I had to knock out that Sisters order - so that was building 2 Exorcists, painting them, and then building a Vendetta and painting it Tuesday night.  Woohoo.  Got it all done and it is shipped - hopefully it gets there.

The exorcists are the newest model on my shit list of models I hate to build.  Warmachine covers most of it with some small things like old metal ass models I get from time to time and bad FW stuff. Man that model sucks - don't really like the FW version either so it is just a mess.  Still it is done.  Let's see my paint list.

Article for Bols - Who knows
Art for a Team - got the idea - have to draw it
Art for Frontline - got 3 things done for Dropzone commander - just have to draw the next 2 and color - maybe at some point on Sunday
Art for FMC cards for LVO
Maybe Art for a dumb shirt for LVO for myself...
Still want to work on a comic idea for myself... blah
Maybe make a test Goat Scout squad - got an idea

Might see if I can build some ripper swarms from my stuff - guy is busy and needs to get me some more models

2 Sicarians I need to build and magnetize parts
Something else I can't remember haha

Tau that came in last week to start on

More Flesh Tearers stuff - gonna start building them soon as sisters got knocked out - hooray for no metal nonsense for the most part

My plan tonight is to get a game after work. I missed games this weekend due to forgetting the baby formula.  I don't think he would have let me play though - he was demanding my attention even as I just sat there.  What kind of jerk right... dang cute baby hahaha.  Trying to figure out if I want to have one big GD in there or 2 in my hey I thought this was a 6th edition tournament list.

Here is the list for maybe tonight - all painted even

HQ: Keeper, Lvl 3, Greater X 2
HQ: DP, MoT, Lvl 3, Greater, Exalted, Wings, Armor, Flyer Ace
Troops: Nurglings
Troops: Nurglings
Troops: Nurglings
Troops: Nurglings
Heavy: DP, MoS, Wings, Armor, Lvl 3, Lesser Gift, Greater Gift X 2
Heavy: DP, MoS, Wings, Armor, Lvl 3, Lesser Gift, Greater Gift X 2
Heavy: DP, MoS, Wings, Armor, Lvl 3, Lesser Gift, Greater Gift X 2

Basic - simple, and fairly small to transport.  Will end up Deep Striking a lot of the DP's in most games I bet.  Will see.  I thought about adding a Void shield and going with a LoC - but I don't want to make one that at least looks right.  But that is probably the right idea if you wanted to go in that direction.  Blah!

Some models to look at.

This finishes off that small Cryx order - this model sucked to build.  Whoever cuts these models needs to rethink how they cut stuff.

Woot - this is the color scheme I would do my own Nids in - simple and easy.

And we have all the troops done for my LVO army.

One of the 3 went together ok - the other two sucked...

Pew pew pew!!!  Yay battle damage.