Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Goatboy's Sometime Midweek Chatter

Work has been busy lately.  It's draining but worthwhile.  So it makes it hard to find time to blog.  I still paint a ton - but just finding time to get away upstairs on the computer is just... it takes a bit haha.  Usually it is when I have art to do.  Which is the case for tonight.  Woohoo!

Got a new army I am quickly working up and then I can start on Crons or Orks.  Ork list is pretty solidly designed as I just want to use as Stompa and somehow make it work.  The Cron list is fluid right now - with just me finding extra money to buy Tomb Blades whenever they come into stock.  The new list though - all the pieces are here and I am just working on getting it together.  You will see the models down below.

The list is currently a Dark Angels CAD with the Space Wolf Elite Detachment thingie.  The plan is to come at you hard and take as many names as I can. As I test it I will post the list up - but for now I just want to get it painted so I can play it at some local events.

Let's see - paint list

BOLS Article - new stuff might discuss said Admech like thingies
Servo Skull for Tournament Art
Banner for painting service - maybe done just sent it off it is why I am up late
Buddies Avatars of Chaos Art
Biker Squad # 1 - Done
Chaplain - Done
Libbie - Done
Biker Squad # 2 - 5 Dudes
2 More Iron Priests - one is built the other isn't
Repurposes some Doggies for said priests - one is done need to get the other 4 done.
Scout Squad # 1 - 2 out of 5 done
Scout Squad # 2 - just a dream

James L
Riptide #3
Gun boat ship thingie

Alan W
6 Chaos Spawn
FW land Raider

Luis P
More Flesh Tearers

Eldar FW flyer thingie

I might be missing other things but I am sleepy.

Hope to get a play test game this weekend with said list.  Then I can talk about it more.  Oh I need to study for a work test thing too.  Fun times for the Goat!

Let's do some models and then I can go to bed.

Just wanted to paint one and not buy one.

Made from extra nurslings!

Made from snot!



Test Biker

Test passed obviously

Scouts or Fallen Knights


Cameo dance team!

Speed dreadnought!

I pity the fool!

Speed paint to get them done.

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