Sunday, September 20, 2015

Goatboy's Semi Annual Sunday Post

Been busy this last week - I had all the bosses for my group in town and it was end of Fiscal so it was a nutty week.  Did so many damned orders it was crazy town.  It also meant I didn't get much extra work done.  It doesn't help I am not 100% feeling art today - so gonna take a break a bit and just paint models.  It also doesn't help my sweet baby is a sweet and whiney baby.  Just like his daddy hahah.

But enough of that - lets do the paint list on what will be a nicer week.  I hope anyway.

Flesh Tearers Assault Squad - Primed, started initial base stuff - I might be good at painting flesh tearers cuz of another commission
Reworked Drop Pod #5 - I need to get it back from a buddy but will be painting it up.
Kit bash a Mephiston.  not sure out of what - but it will be a cool sword guy.
Aaron's Art Work
3 Pieces for Luis
Maybe some other stuff - I think I have some things to do - don't remember haha.

2 Drop Pods - need to fix some to get done
10 Skaavies from necromunda - Primed

4 Bikers to complete a unit

James L
Heldrake to finish off this commission - will be done this week

Some random stuff

6 Black Knights
2 Attack Bikes
2 Speeders - one Sammie

12 Dark Angel Bikers

More chaos stuff

Nick R
More marines or something???

Probably some other stuff - but writing things down.  I did finish a commission last week - so good times.  The plan right now is to knock out that Tim Commission in 2 weeks.  I have to build the Dark Angels - and as I am the one building them I spend some extra time cleaning lines.  I can't help it.  Just like I drill all bolter holes cuz it looks dumb if you don't.

Played a Batrep with the Knights of Doom list.  I don't see what other changes I could do - unless I wanted to try and get a bigger unit.  I don't know if I need Tiggie cuz he can't give his Warlord trait over.  It might be better to run the Dark Angel conceal as it is bit cheaper to get a Level 3.  I don't get rerolls so that is the issue - but it might be worth it to not care about the rerolls.  I like the crusaders for sure - but maybe I don't need 5 - I could only use 3 and get some warrior acolytes to fill up the unit.  Get some more - throw away wounds.

It still looks like Tiggie is needed as I did the points.

Trip Lance
Crusader Battle Cannon, Iron Storm Missile
Gallant, Storm Spear Pod
Warden, Iron Storm Missile

Library Conclave
Librarian, Lvl 2, Staff
Librarian, Lvl 2, Axe

Malleus Inq, Lvl 1 Psyker, Servo Skulls X 3, Force Sword
Henchmen: Crusader X 3, Acolyte X 5, Psyker
Henchmen: Acolyte X 2, Psyker
Henchmen: Acolyte X 2, Psyker

That seems to be the cleaner one.  It gives me more bodies to throw around the Psyker bomb.

Been tweaking a Clan Raccoon/SW list for a buddy.  I think it is pretty close to simple to play etc.

Clan R CAD
Chapter Master, Bike, PF, Gorgon's Chain, Art Armor
Chaplain, Bike
Command Squad, Bikes, Apoth, Meltagun X 3, Storm Shield X 3
Scouts X 5
Scouts X 5
Drop pod
Drop pod
Drop pod
Dev Cents X 3, Gravs X 3, Omni Scope
Dev Cents X 3, Gravs X 3, Omni Scope

WGBL, Thunder, PFist, Runic Armor, SS
Rune Priest, bike, Lvl 2
Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber X 4
Iron Priest, Thunder, Cyber X 3

Seems good - you can do some tricks with all those Dev Cents by hitting 3 targets if you both come down.  Plus you can hide a scout squad in one Pod.  I played something similar to Railhead last year and did well.  I didn't have 2 Cents but it would have been rough if I could have.

Again my GK thing

Libbie, Lvl 3, Special Book
Libbie, Lvl 3
Purifiers X 10, Incinerators X 4, Daemonhammer
Purifiers X 10, Incinerators X 4, Daemonhammer
Purifiers X 10, Incinerators X 4
Strike Squad X 5

Libbie, Lvl 2, Staff, Auspex
Tactical Squad X 5, Melta, Combi-Melta, Drop Pod
Assault Squad X 5, Melta X 2, Combi-Melta, Drop Pod
Drop Pod
Drop Pod
Drop Pod

Seems like a spoiler list for sure.  Plus Meph can fight a WK and a Knight.  Go go Str 10!

Let's post some models and call it a post!

Woot Khorne Bikers

Even mor Khorne bikerz.

Test biker if I can remember the scheme I did before.

My Flesh Tearers for that GK army I am slowing building.

My pods yay!
Mephiston's Ride!

I haven't painted one of these in a long time.

Last pod for Tim.


Donz0 said...

In my game group one dude is playing a ksons list like this purifier spam list you have above (or you wrote about on bols) and it is really brutal. No one expects 2, 3 or even 4 nova powers dishing out 20, 30, or even 40 heavy bolter shots. combat squad purifiers also give you 4 psy dice, get you up to 24-25 dice...

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Hahah - glad to know it works. I hope to get it done soon and just cause issues to all them dirty gladius's hahaha. So many novas just love busting up those boxes.