Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where have I been?

Well if you know me, I am usually working on some kind of freelance flash or art related stuff. And I have been stuck in that world for a bit, and will probably still be stuck for awhile longer as I finish up some work. Hooray for freelance and money, but boo in the extra time I would like to have to pretend kill some plastic mini's with my plastic grey orkie horde of doom. It is pootastic. But hell, it means I have more money to spend on some fantasy stuff as soon as I finish my orks.

But I haven't been doing nothing GW related. I have been working on a racing game called Formula Waaagh!!! It is based off of some of the Gorka Morka rules, GW new ramming stuff that might be in later, and my own takes on stuff to make things run smoother. But the whole thought on it is that you are running an Ork Race team. You earn teef per race for doing stuff and getting paid from your sponsors. Bikes, Trukks, and Warbuggies all race to try win, or blow up as many opponents as they can. As I finish up the roolz and do some testing, I will post them up on here for anyone to download and try out. I am going for something that is pretty simple in execution, but complex enough to have some depth. The coolest thing is people are moving all at the same time. So you have a good chance of ramming through people and knocking everyone around. You execute drive checks whenever you try to do stuff. A drive check is like a leadership check, and different things can affect it. The type of vehicle, how fast you went, if you took some manic mushrooms, cybork body, etc. You can shoot off the track, get knocked around, and if someone is extremely lucky, blow you up completely. And then you get Teef for that.

Plans are to test on Fridays, and once I get a nice core set of rulez, to build off from there and start a league with a commish to watch stuff and make sure peeps are racin fair. Well as fair as Orks can race. But yeah, that is what I am working on. Painting wise, going to get my weirdboy and my war boss painted. And then boyz and trukks from there. If I get the race stuff going, I will have to get trukks done up.

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