Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bit of an update

Just finished all the art for the Bell of Lost Souls campaign. I have a few things to tweak and some extra characters that might come up, but either way it means I got time again for more drawings. Fun times. So starting next week some new drawings. Maybe some icons for peeps to use and other fun stuff.

Anyway played a game today with my ork army of biker doom. I played versus Adam's Eldar force. 2 Falcons, 2 Wave Serpents with Dire Avengers, Farseer with Warlocks on bikes, fire dragons in the falcons, 2 vypers, and other fun stuff. Not as terrible of an eldar list, but still stuff. I had 2 10 man Nob Biker squads with 7 power klaws and painboy in each. 2 Warbosses with klaw, attack squig, bike, etc. And then a 14 man Kommando squad with Snikrot. It is the Ork Sandwich of doomz.

Turn 1: I rolled to go first, so I turbo boosted. He shot at me a bunch, I lost 2 dudes. Dire Avengers did one wound after all the saves.
Turn 2: I got there, killed the Farseer and his warlock squad, took down a Vyper, stunned both Falcons and killed all but 3 of the dire avengers. Snikrot came in and helped stunned one vyper and take down the farseer. He moved all away and ran as far as he could go, my biker squad finished the dire avengers and massacred towards the a wave serpent.
Turn 3: We called it, due to him trying to move away, not being able to shoot to keep out of range, and i would grab and smash anything I got ahold of.

So what did I learn about my army. If I don't fail the leadership check after some initial shooting, I should smash a lot of stuff. Feel no pain on really tough bikers that move really far, make for some gross games. Also the sheer amount of 2 wound models, makes for a bit of a gross fight. Still have to test more and see if this is a hard army or a hobby list.

Changes that might occur to the list, take out all the cybork body stuff on nobs, and then everyone can have power klaws, accept the Pain Boy. Might be fun, still worth testing etc. 5th edition will knock down the # of attacks, but will see.

Here is the list again.
HQ: Warboss, cybork body, power klaw, bike, attack squigg
HQ: Warboss, cybork body, power klaw, bike, attack squigg
Troops: 10 Nobs, 10 Bikes, Pain Boy, 9 Power Klaws, Boss Pole, Waagh Banner
Troops: 10 Nobs, 10 Bikes, Pain Boy, 9 Power Klaws, Boss Pole, Waagh Banner
Elites: 13 Kommados, 2 Burnas, Snikrot

I think that is 2000, have to mess with my excel to be sure. Anyway that is the list, anyone want to test?

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