Saturday, June 21, 2008

Daemon List and fun Chaos list

Hey, if you are checking this out from Bell, how is it going. I usually post some art and then army lists I plan on messing with. I do play hard lists, but most of the time I would rather have fun and just have a good game. Which normally means some kind of hobby list that just lets the game be more along the lines of what the designers want. No real winners, other then the DIce gods hahahaha.

First the Daemon List. This is an undivided list and might be slightly towards the heavy side.

HQ: Skulltaker on a Juggernaut
Pts: 175
HQ: The Masque

Troops: Plaguebearers (10), Icon of Chaos
Pts: 165 x 2 = 330
Troops: Daemonettes (19)
Pts: 266
Troops: Bloodletters (19)
Pts: 304

Elites: Flamers of Tzeentch (4)
Pts: 140 x 2 = 280

Heavy: Daemon Prince, Mark of Slaanesh, Iron Hide, Pavaane of Slaanesh, Breath of Chaos
Pts: 180 x 3 = 540

Thoughts on this, the split is initial assault 2 Plaguebearers, And Daemon Princes with Flamers and other Troops coming in for the second, with a 6 to 5 unit split. I think I can do that, since it just says split the army with the same amount of units. Plaguebearers with Icons and then Daemon Princes to move guys around. Will see, probably will be terrible, but hell it might be fun. Other changes, get rid of HQ guys and just put in a Keeper of Secrets to increase the amount of Monstrous creatures.

And now onto my modified Chaos Undivided Fist list. I wanted a CSM army that had one of each cult troop, lots of rhinos and just a very heavily moving force. Now onto the list.

HQ: Daemon Prince, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission, Wings
Pts: 155
HQ: Chaoslord, Mark of Chaos Glory, Daemon Weapon
Pts: 140 (He rides with Bezerkers in the Land Raider)

Troops: Khorne Bezerkers (9), Plasma Pistol (2), Skull Champion, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist
Pts: 259
Troops: Plague Marines (10), Plasma Gun (2), Plague Champion, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Rhino, Extra Armor
Pts: 365
Troops: Noise Marines (9), Sonic Blasters (8), Blastmaster, Noise Champion, Power Fist, Doom Siren, Rhino, Extra Armor
Pts: 365
Troops: Thousand Sons (9), Aspiring Sorceror, Doombolt, Meltabombs, Rhino, Extra Armor
Pts: 309

Heavy: Land Raider, Demonic Possession
Pts: 240
Heavy: Obliterators (2)
Pts: 150

The army is meant to just have a ton of movement, hard troops and a good counter assault with a unit that can move things off of objectives. How will it do in 5th edition, who knows. All I know is that is is fully painted now and should be a lot of fun. As long as people don't bust my damned Land Raider with tank hammers hahah.


Stelek said...

The demons need more total units not fewer total units with lots of models to soak up all of the enemy firing.

The CSM aren't mobile, and dropping to BS3 on the LR is a bad idea. You aren't going to get hurt often enough, and it looks like one big target. I think players will knock your rhinos out first, then worry about your land raider with heavy fire. Either go all-foot, or don't go chaos...

Boss Salvage said...

Well ... I love me some fun lists, and these definitely are that. The demons, I say go for it, got a lot of nasty stuff in there. Couple things from me, remember again that the Masque can't join a unit, so she won't be paling around with the 19 demonettes. Also, I think taking flamers in 105 point, 3-strong suicide squads is the way to go, for rear drops to obliterate a target and then vanish under reprisal fire. If anything, I suggest making your 2x 4 squads into 1x 5 and 1x 3, so a suicide dropper and a squad that you can drop and if needed flame a vehicle (3 handles the elite troops you want to kill, 5 is overkill there but can splash a tank more effectively) or drop farther back for fire support.

The CSM are rocking, way to be with true Undivided! And for the record, waaaaay more mobile than my army. My only quibbles are the powerfists on the berzerkers and noise marines, who with furious charge and I5 respectively get something out of taking the mundane fist. Most the noise marines.

But all the same, groovy list.

- Salvage

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Thanks for the comments. Vehicles are a bit more survivable in 5th, so I feel they might do better. Will see hahaha. I will post a tweaked chaos fist, with 2 LR, 2 Rhinos and 2 Lash Princes.

I think in the new Daemon codex The Masque can join any unit. She is an IC and thus you chose to join her to a unit, and they will deep strike with them in 5th edition. You are thinking of the Fantasy codex where she has to be by herself. I am planning on breaking down the troop squads to 10 man, to try and overload areas etc, with the two plaguebearers as dudes hiding in buildings to use the icons. Also I might drop a Daemon prince, and then try to get 3 squads of Flamers.

Will see how the new CSM goes with Rhinos and LR and movement messing around Daemon Princes. Will see. For Chaos Marines, really Oblits and standing and shooting is the way to go. That is if I want to play a heavy list. And if I am playing a heavy list, I either throw down the Ork Nob Bikers or Big Bugs, since they are more consistent lists. I am still building up an Eldar army after Daemons, so that might end up being another default heavy list. Or hell I might need to go to Tau hahaha.

New lists up later on today, after I get to work and settle in. Going to play the modified Chaos Fist tonight with some 5th edition. Will see how it goes. Really right now, the amount of Chaos I have allows me to play just about any combination. I have at least 1 cult troop for each god (2 for noise, 2 for Khorne), chosen out the butt, havoks, oblits, rhinos, LR, Daemon Princes, Chaoslords, Sorcerors etc. I have enough to figure something out and see what works.

Aventine said...

That's the thing Thomas, the Masque isn't an IC, re-read her entry, she rolls solo.