Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quick Ard Boyz bit

So messing with different lists, here is the newest thought. I still have some points floating around, but here it is.

HQ: Ghaz
HQ: Warboss, Cybork Body, Warbike, PowerKlaw, Attack Squig
Troops: Nobz (10), Power Klaw (5), Painboy, Waagh Banner, Bosspole, Grot Orderly, Bikes X 2
Troops: Shoota boyz (20), Rokkit Launcha (2), Nob, Bosspole, Power Klaw X 3
Elites: Kommandos (15), Burna (2), Snikrot

Ghaz attaches to Kommandoes for some hilarity of a Ghaz coming from behind and smacking shit around. If not there, then attached to one of the boyz squads. I also have 6 rokkits to deal with Rhinos, defilers, and other lower Armored vehicles.

Scoring: 5
Killpoints: 8
# Power Klaws: 15

Staggering boyz and having nice units to sit on objectives. Also I can help stop deep striking Daemons by just being a large moving army. But right now I have all of this and can easily create more horde style stuff too if needed. But here comes the boyz!!

Other changes, could be a big mek with a field to help give the boyz a little more staying power too. It would also probably allow some point tweaks to get another squad of dudes running around. Who knows.


Real G said...

More Lootas!

I'd try replacing a unit of the Shootas with Lootas and maybe a stripped down Boyz squad, depending on your free points.

Then you can park on an objective in your deployment and have S7 48 inch reach.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Lootas don't score, and being unable to move and shoot, they really can be screwed by a lot of set up (IE dawn of war etc). Right now with this list, I can easily create a nice set on Dawn of War, as well as a lot of the other set ups etc. Plus I have an extremely mobile army (Run, all assault weapons, etc).

But will see, I have lootas too heh.

CrusherJoe said...

Damn, Thomas, but this seems like a very hard (or is that 'ard?), solid list -- very flexible and able to deal with pretty much any threat that hits the other side of the table.

My hat is off to you, sir! :)

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

That is the plan. A list that can all aspects. Horde, heavy assault, etc. Will see will see. I need to get some more shoota boyz damnit.

Stelek said...

I'd make both boyz squads 30.

They can be shot away too easily. Yes, even with the nobs running amok, with 30 boyz on your objective you can force the other guy to ignore the boyz and focus on the nobs instead.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

That is the hope. And I think I have points to up them to 30. The big issue is, with 30, you are looking at hurting your time frame to finish a game at times. But it is something to think about points wise.

Zannal said...

I'm still tweaking my Ork Battle wagon list my self.
I like that my random defdrolla list I made has now been accepted as a smasher of the biker nobz. Now I just need to make sure I have a plan against every thing else.

Also I didn't think about Gazzy+snikrot, I was Just thinking of a biker boss but gazzy bursting from the board edge is too funny to pass up.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

The big issue with your list, is that a lot of lascannons will hurt you, and anything that will hurt AC will put a hurt on your too. Which makes it hard to figure something out etc. I also think Daemons can hurt you too, since the breath can blow you up, as well as everything not instant dying. Not that you will play a lot of daemons etc.

But right now, the way it reads Deff Rollas can't hit vehicles, because they are no longer a unit, they are a vehicle. If they could, it could be fun hehe. But who knows, will have to wait on the ruling from GW up on high. Either way, I still think a good amount of lascannons could take out your wagons and then your boyz are left sitting there. Hell any immobilize will suck just due to your guys now being stuck in the middle.

I wrote another stupid list and will post it in a bit.