Monday, August 11, 2008

Ard boyz chat

So as we sit and design out Ard Boyz armies to test out, we have started to find small holes in the different lists.

First list off the block was the 30 nob biker army. Most armies don't seem to have much of a chance with 24 inch turbo boosting boyz and Snikrot to make the sandwich. We tested, and just found that so many things just roll up and die to this, then we found something that just crushes the bikers. Deff rolla Battle Wagons.

Any failed 4 up from the nob bikerz is a dead dude. And with a Battle Wagon causing d6 of them as they drive around, just makes for some gross idiocy. Add in a small squad of Mega Armor Nobz, and you got a nice counter assault for the bikerz, that will probably die, but will cause enough power klaw wounds to cause damage. And being cheaper, since 5 of them is only 200 points, and should be able to kill off the bikerz during one round of assault when mixed in with Ghaz. And yes, this list throws down Ghaz to give you a nice round of fearlessness and some more super killie dude. Mix in some Snikrot action, and you get a fun little game where you can attach Ghaz to Snikrot's squad. Thus when they become available, Ghaz gets to come from behind and give a massive headbutt.

So what does this mean? Well I decided to combine the lists. Many games with Nob bikerz, have shown me that I can kill 1750+ with just one squad of bikerz. Mix in two, and you can usually kill most stuff. But when you add in some other bits from the biker killing army list, and now you got something that can take out Bikerz, very easily and quickly, so you can concentrate on the other bits.

Anyway onto the list.

HQ: Ghaz
HQ: Warboss, bike, power klaw, attack squig, cybork body
Troops: Nobz (10), Bikers (10), Painboy, Grot Orderly, Waagh Banner, Bosspole, Power Klaw (5), Cybork Body (10) X 2
Troops: Shoota boyz (20), Nob, Power Klaw X 2
Elites: Mega Armored Nobz (5)
Elites: Kommandos (8), Burna (2), Snikrot
Heavy: Battle Wagon, Deff Rolla, Big Shoota (2)

Killpoints: 9
Scoring Units: 4

Plans for the army, obviously Mega Armored Nobz with Ghaz in the BW, running around the board. And then the two Nob Bikerz running around doing damage. The two shoota squads, running towards objectives to sit on them and everything else just trying to work together. I have all of this already, so will see how it tests out.
Heavy: Battlewagon, Deff Rolla, Big Shoota (2)


Real G said...

You must be reading my mind, because after the 8 Battlewagon post last night on AMM, I made up a similar BW+Biker list, but with a little more bias toward Battle Wagons.

Ghaz I think is required, the 6" Waagh and Fearless and him getting a 2+ invuln for a turn is too much to pass up. Him surviving so many PB hits in our last game solidified his place in all my Ork lists. Plus it is an awesome model.

-Jim (AMM realgenius)

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Yup yup, I agree. That is why I want to test him out. Running more BW just gives you more of a chance to get taken out by Eldar. They have enough heavy weapons to fire at the BW, cause you issues and then just spin around and keep away from the bikers.

But will see how the list pans out. It does give you a game versus other nob bikerz as well as a dead hard unit to hit combat. Plus, the five of them will most likely take out the entire nob biker squad, for 400 less points hehe.

Stelek said...

I posted a BW heavy list months ago on dakka, it works out well the more points you have to spend.

I'm confused how you are hitting nob bikers with the battlewagons.

Not sure why you think a single BW will do well at the ard boyz. Can you explain?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

We are doing testing and have found NOb Bikerz to be a good foil for most armies. Giving you a hard to deal with unit, that can take out most armies. The only list that gives it problems, is BW orks. The Deff rolla just causes a ton of insta kill hits any biker squad you throw at it. Mixed in with the fact the only way the biker army can deal is assaulting it, and you have a losing situation.

Mega Armor nobz become a great way to deal with them too, for a lower point cost. Thus you have a way to deal with potentially two biker squads. Adding in Ghaz also gives you a good chance to rip apart the squad you hit, with his waagh.

The on battle wagon might morph into two, depending on the testing of the list. The big issue with the BW list, is that I think Eldar can put big hurt on it, with multiple squads of fire dragons zipping out and pouring in fire.

But I wanted to see if morphing the two lists could work and give me a nice option when dealing with nids and everything else that will come out of the wood work.

Hell Nurgle Daemons might be interesting, but if the rumors of Armored company having scoring tanks is true, then we might be in for a game of templates splatting everything. Here is hoping they don't tweak the rules to allow just those vehicles to score.

Stelek said...

Armored company is an easy list to beat in 4th. In 5th it got even easier.

Nurgle Demons could care less if they get hit by a battlecannon or a lasrifle.

It's the same 5+/4+ save/fnp roll.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

We have messed with some AC lists that are pretty gross. But yeah, if tanks can't score, they are just shooting to kill all your models.

Will see, but nurgle isn't the best choice as is. Might be alright if there are a lot of orks running around, but IG has an easier time with them, due to how slow you have to move etc. OF course without seeing the missions we won't have any real idea what we can expect.

Stelek said...

The missions at the GT and the ard boyz are apparently going to just be the standard missions mixed up with special objectives thrown in for bonus points. Meh. Better bland than custom and bad, yes?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I agree. Better then some wonky crap that just makes no sense and screws over too many armies. At least you can prepare a lot more for what is coming at you. I just hope the Armor Company shit isn't real with the leman russes counting as scoring.