Monday, October 13, 2008

What I will be working on today?

Trying to finish the base for my soul grinder (magnets and other fun random bits) as well as 30 more slugga/choppa boyz. I am going to try and just do 10 at a time up to an wash stage since they take the longest to paint. This squad is going to be the yellow faced bastards so it will up my full horde squad to 4 30 man squads hehe. Look for my final Baltimore list this week as well as a post about it on Bells.

Other then that, I will be working on some posts for Bells of Lost souls, with a Daemon tactic and thought process coming next. Just some different takes on it and what I might try to move to next as I finish this army out. I will also be looking at some marine stuff in the future too, but I need to first get some house stuff resolved before I can even think of buying any new miniatures. I also have to buy my plane ticket for Baltimore as well as put money aside for the hotel. Looks like my little egg of money is going to get smaller haha. Oh well, that is life and I want to have fun heh. It doesn't help that I have to pay 200+ bucks to fix this clogged pipe out to the sewer at my house. Suck ass.

Oh here is the newest Soul Grinder.

And some Daemon art.


Stelek said...

You noob. What are those scribbles!? If I had a 5 year old she could puke a better greater demon than that! lol just kidding man! :)

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Hahaha.. Yeah you better be kidding you bastard hehe.

bullymike said...

these are awesome t