Sunday, March 29, 2009

What did I paint this week...

Well I finished up Jay's Daemon army for 40k. He might get me to do some more for fantasy, so will see if more horrors get painted up. Bastard horrors heh. I forgot to take a picture of the green stuff I did for a friend wanting his herald of Tzeentch to be throwing a Fireball. His hand/arm is covered in flames as he summons his energy. Other then that, I started putting together a heavy daemon army for Fantasy. Will see when I get it done. I am hoping to have some painted stuff next week. I am waiting for stuff to dry and harden heh. Oh yeah, I am also going to Adepticon this weekend, so the painting post will be sparse to nothing next week. When I get back, look for some articles on speed painting on BOLS and other fun painting thoughts as well as 40k editorials.

Now onto some painting.

This is a commissioned figure. I decided to try and do some more extreme highlighting with this one. I wanted to show that I can paint in other styles then my normal way and to test myself a bit. I still like making my stuff have realistic (as can be) hue sets, but this was a fun way to test out some new skills. Look for more of these as I finish a small squad in the coming weeks.

And here are some of the flamers and finished Changling. You can check out Jay's blog for more pictures. After I get back from Adepticon, it is time to finish up some marines, daemons, as well as there might be a new commission for some High Elves.


Aerospike said...

Wow, that Arbites looks good!

Being not the biggest fan of your regular "dirty" paintstyle (although I have to agree with bushidoredpanda, that it is more like art than simple painting) it is nice to see something different for a change.

How long did it take you to paint that mini?

Unknown said...

First one took about 2 hours, as I was figuring out the paint scheme. The second one I have done took me a bit over an hour. He has a shield. Look for him in the next week, as I finished him late last night with a defiler. He is going to show up on BOLS too later on this week.

Thanks for the compliment. A lot of the pics I take don't do the models justice due to my crap lighting situations. Hopefully I can resolve that when I get back into town heh.