Sunday, March 22, 2009

Woot I painted more stuff this week

First off, the other squad of terminators plus Lysandor, a land speeder, and a chaplain. Woot left to paint in the army.

1 Land Speeder
2 Predators
2 Squads of Tac marines
2 Razorbacks (1 I need to convert from a rhino)

Next I finished up more of Jays daemon army. All I have left now are the 12 flamers and the Changeling conversion I whipped up today.

Hoping this army is done by Thursday, and Jay has a new army to play for the hobby tournament after adepticon. Woot.


GMSN said...

I'd really like to see more of your speed painting tutorials. My biggest problem in 40k is painting in a timly manner. I rather play with a fully painted nice looking army rather than a half awesomly painted army/half non-painted army that looks awful together on the table.

Unknown said...

When I get a chance to get at a good camera, I will do a how I paint orks step by step to give an idea on how I can cut corners to get a better effect etc.

Stelek said...

Hey scrub, where'd you get the bases for the Defilers?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Walmart - wooden discs, cost about .97 cents :). They are the perfect size (a bit bigger then cd's) and make for the best bases for anything like this. It also helps keep things legit on where you hit when you shoot at the spikey legged jerkfaces.

The 25mm Warrior said...

Man all of that looks really, really good. What techniques you use?