Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I started a new shift at work - so training and comic book coloring are taking up my time

Beyond wedding stuff - woot. Chatted with the Pastor last Friday - and things look good. He is interesting to talk too and if you know me, you know how interesting that is haha. Let's just say that I have followed the normal Catholic route after Catholic Private school. But I did paint some things. This week I finished up 18 orks for the one commission, 4 big shootas, 4 rokkits, a friends test mini for an ig color scheme, and my own first BW. Woot. The rest of the week I hope to 1) finish the last page of this comic (I am on the last one woot!) 2) Start up these 2 lion chariots to finish on the weekend 3) get my other BW's and finish mine as well as the last one for the commission 4) Clean up the Kommandos to get them ready for next week. Woot indeed!

Will post my test list for tomorrows random game versus Jon Wolf - after the game. I want to break into some thought on each part and see what might work for me etc. I don't think it is the best list, but I want something fun to play that isn't army men. Time to change up my consistent play army - I am tired of chaos for a bit. After this I will finish my own marines and look forward to Space Wolves in October. ARROOOO!!!

Oh getting some models to my new builder - (will help me get these IG commissions done) - so look for tanks next week I hope.

Models!!! Yay!


Faultie said...

Will you ever be done with battlewagons?!

That one looks great, though.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I am done with all of mine now (all 3) - and all 5 of the clients. Woot!