Monday, July 12, 2010

My week is going to be fun

I got to paint up some stuff for BOLS dealing with Mantic stuff. From there I want to paint my 4 converted Mark of the Wolfen guys to help give me 4 complete Grey Hunter Squads with options for 6 Meltaguns, 6 Flamers, 2 Plasma guns, and I have the 4 Rhinos all done. Fun times. Beyond that I want to paint up one Drop pod in some kind of red chaos color with 2 big marks on it like my rhinos. I still have some nids to do as well as the starting phase of a biker army. Woot woot. I am just busy and then there is Bolscon. Mix that with a new project to do at work and I won't nearly have the time I would like to get some stuff done late at night. And I want to do some art. Hopefully I can get some time on Thursday so I have a post on Friday. Woot.

This weekend was a Will of Chaos tournament. A 1250, funky FOC, weird scoring units, etc tournament at BFG. I threw down Space Wolves as usual and took the following list. FA scored.

Holy Shit I am almost all WS/BS 3

HQ: Wolf Priest, Runic Armor, Bike
HQ: Wolf Priest, Runic Armor, Jump Pack
Elites: Wolf Guard Pack
Wolf Guard, Power Weapon - Grey Hunters
Wolf Guard, Power Weapon, Bike - Swift Claws
Wolf Guard, Power Weapon - Blood Claws
Troops: Grey Hunters X 9, Plasma Gun, Plasma Pistol, Mark of the Wolfen, Power Weapon, Rhino
Troops: Blood Claws X 9, Power Weapon, Rhino
FA: Sky Claws X 8, Meltagun, Mark of the Wolfen, Power Weapon
FA: Swift Claws X 6, Meltagun, Power Weapon, Attack Bike, Multi-Melta

Game 1 - All Khorne CSM - Raptors, Bikers, DP with Wings, LR, 2 Squads of Zerkers - BullyMike

I got my ass spanked as I went up, missed with all my melta on the LR and got assaulted into a bloody mess. Khorne got a lot of skulls that day, even if they are goat like. Bastards!!!

Game 2 - Ultramarines - Scouts, Jump Packs, Bikers, Whirlwind, Tact Squad in Rhino ML

Frank had crap rolls and I got there and started to chew him up. Bikers did well this game and again I missed with all but one Melta shot. Love that BS 3. All but the Tertiary for me.

Game 3 - Ultramrines - Command Bike squad, Jump Pack Squad, 2 Bike Squads, 2 Speeders - Matt

We decided to fit in the middle and the lack of assault power of regular bikers is lame. Bikes on bikes can take awhile, but when one set hates the other (Yeah Wolf Priest) it makes things easier. I lived a lot longer then I should have was able to throw a lot of stuff into the middle to get rid of it. One bike squad broke from combat and ran off the table :(. I was able to assault his jump pack squad with my Sky Claws first as well as one grey hunter squad. Squished em. Good game as is usual with Matt and it was fun. It was a weird flip objective mission, that has you flip objectives and once flipped you "win" them. They can be flipped back and bonus points were based on how many you flipped out of 5 objectives. I flipped 6 total in the game so I got a good amount of bonus points. Full points for me plus 6 for the bonus.

This put me in Second Place after a crushing defeat. My Army score was 13 out of 15 which is pretty good. I wish I had more BS 4 stuff and only had an issue with the LR. Fun times.

The plastic Blood Crushers look cool - and expect me to get one box to make 3 Wolf Lords in glorious plastic. It will make my life easier. I still have 4 boxes of Metal Crushers that I will have to trade off at some point. Unless I want to do something goofy in a fantasy army. Will see.

Pics of painted things will be up on my Paint Blog - Full of Monkey Painting so check it out, comment or something. As usual if you want some kind of art, shoot me an email too. Look for some new stuff later on this week. I hope.

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Well played, grats on the finish.