Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Final Daemon's List - fully painted and complete

Daemon's army is done. The only thing I will be looking at is adding in a Blood Crushers crew as I win stuff hopefully from tournaments. That is the plan. This is the army I will be using for the next few months, as I let the Goats rest a bit until I feel I can get back to them again. There is a temptation to try something wacky with them, with a push into some different unit builds etc, so will see. I will post those as I think about them. I might also look at completing more of a BA Super Dread force too as I feel that could be fun too. I will post those as I think them up.

So onto my Daemon list - again a 2000 point list.

HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery, Chariot, Bolt of Tzeentch, Breath of Chaos - 130pts
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery, Chariot, Bolt of Tzeentch, Breath of Chaos - 130pts
HQ: Herald of Khorne, Chariot of Khorne, Unholy Might, Blessing of the Blood God, Fury of Khorne - 115pts
HQ: SkullTaker, Chariot of Khorne - 160pts
Elites: Fiends of Slaanesh X6, Unholy Might - 190pts
Elites: Fiends of Slaanesh X6, Unholy Might - 190pts
Elites: Fiends of Slaanesh X6, Unholy Might - 190pts
Troops: Plaguebearers X 5 - 75pts
Troops: Plaguebearers X 5 - 75pts
Troops: Plaguebearers X 5 - 75pts
Heavy: Daemon Prince, Mark of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery, Bolt of Tzeentch, Daemonic Gaze, Iron Hide - 200pts
Heavy: Daemon Prince, Mark of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery, Bolt of Tzeentch, Daemonic Gaze, Iron Hide - 200pts
Heavy: Daemon Prince, Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Iron Hide, Breath of Chaos, Cloud of Flies, Unholy Might, Daemonic Flight - 265pts

The idea is that I really overload the board with multi-wound shenanigans. Skulltaker is there to take a bit out of nids as he gives an excellent way to pop any of the big fatties with a roll of a 4+ to wound :). You got to love that. Plus he works well versus Nob squads too. The fiends are fiends and the DP make up lets me have a mini Thirster that can give me some chance at times of busting a LR. Makes you feel like an ork and hoping some of your PK's hit. All in all I think it will be an alright list and give me something new to play :). Which in reality is all I really want. Just something different. I can be a jerk with my Space Goats :).

I want to get a Blood Crushers squad done with 2 Heralds of Khorne on Juggers for that squad. That is the future plane anyway, with two Bolt Squads of Horrors to round out the troops fully. Fun times in the Goatboy Camp.

This week I am finishing up some commissions and starting on some big stuff. I want to get a Warhound started this week too, so hopefully I can get the top part done as the guys are fully finished. From there it is some more nids and other random bits and pieces and I can call it a day :).

I am looking at playing the Boyz GT up in Rochester, NY depending on the money/time situation. So hopefully you will see me there. Most likely it will be my Daemons as my Goats can be a little much at times. Wish there were more GT's in Texas or within a few hours drive in the coming months. I don't feel like playing Fantasy right now, so just 40k stuff.

That is it for now, will post more often in the coming weeks as my brain gets to working hah.


Terminus Est said...

This is an awesome list you have put together. Plaguebearers are a solid choice for holding objectives, all of the other units are hardcore and will bring the pain. I have always thought that daemons are one of the top tiered armies in 5ed. Everything has an invulnerable save and your multi wound units benefit from Feel No Pain. Daemons are a lot of fun to play. They are not fragile at all and can dish out lots and lots of punishment. I like that your list features units from all four of the vile Chaos powers... That is great theme in my opinion !

I think you will win lots of games with this list. You just have to decide how to split the army into two waves. I would try to equally split your two waves in terms of power since your army is very balanced. There is a very good article by Phil Kelly in the latest issue of White Dwarf that has loads of solid tactical advice. Phil does recommend front loading your preferred wave... I don't think you need to since as I already said your army is very balanced. It is probably better to place your Plaguebearers in the second wave so shooty armies will have less turns to torrent them. I would also put the Skulltaker in the second wave since he's mounted on a chariot... Again it will give your opponents less turns to torrent him plus he will be a fantastic sweeper.

If you do split your two waves with a balanced approach then you will automatically negate one of the daemons' only weakness, which are those games when the second wave comes in first. Use your icons to lessen the effects of their one other weakness, which is bad scatters. Icons can almost completely eliminate the risk of bad scatters after the first turn. You'll also probably want to put a good amount of shooting in your preferred wave so you have the opportunity to wreck/destroy enemy transports as fast as possible. It is an Internet myth that daemons struggle against heavily mechanized armies. Your shooting is quite potent and the Fiends will have no problems running them down... With 6 attacks per Fiend at S5 and rending on the charge you'll have no problem popping rhinos, razorbacks and chimeras.

I have found that daemons are pretty much an automatic win versus Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines. The ability to deepstrike your units in their face is something they can't really MEQ armies can't overcome. Deepstriking also means that your army is completely unaffected by deployment - this is one of daemons' best attributes and well outweighs the randomness of the army.

I'm sure you will do very well with your daemons. Have fun with it !


Terminus Est said...
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Terminus Est said...

I meant to say the multi wound units benefit from Eternal Warrior.



Chumbalaya said...

Come to Rochester, Goaty, I'd love to meet you in person!

List looks like a lot of fun, just beware the Comp Reaper :P

Bassface said...

I could be wrong, but the Daemon Princes with Mark of Tzeentch don't need Master of Sorcery as they are Monstrous Creatures so therefore can fire 2 weapons in the shooting phase anyway.
Great list however. Fiends are just insane.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I thought it meant I can shoot something else, but that is the legion thingie - which might not be a good option really. It is a thought.

All good thoughts on the comments for sure. Will see how the lists plays and how much I get pissed off haha.

Brent said...

I look forward to hearing how you do with your Daemons.

It's interesting, because you've chosen some units I actually rejected as 'better on paper' so I can't wait to hear some reports.

What I didn't like hearing is your plans to build the super Dread Blood Angels list... that's the one I was planning on rolling with! I thought you said you were going to send me some ideas?

I see how it is!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

You started me on the path jerk face!!! I am the crazy build thought guy - and what works for me might not work for everyone haha.

hyv3mynd said...

I'm also a Rochesterian with Chumby and look forward to seeing you come up for the GT.

My only recommendation would be dropping one unit of Fiends and get in some more troops. They're great for mobility and anti-infantry, but splitting evenly you're still guaranteed one unit in your starting wave.

Plaguebearers are survivable, but at 5x each they can still be dropped with a lot of dice.

You have a lot of wings and chariots to contest, just need a couple more scorers IMO.