Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Goatboys... Ah Crap - Wednesday

Sorry for the late post.  I got busy yesterday - wife got in a small wreck so we had to be at the hospital for 4 hrs to make sure the baby was good.  Everything was fine - looks like the car is going to get put in to get fixed and maybe will swap out cars and not be too under.  Will see how it goes.  Going to try to do stuff with it on Friday - as I have the day off (anniversary) and well - it would be nice to get it done.

I'm sad I won't be at Nova this year.  Too close to the kiddo coming out and the wife really wanted me to be home.  So I stay.  I am glad too as this wreck thing could have been bad.  If I did go I would have played some kind of knight thing with summoning or Knight plus something else.  I just enjoy the knights so far and hopefully will get more games.  In fact - my last week was spent trying to get the final Nurgle Knight done for a buddy to borrow for Nova.  Will see how it goes for him - hopefully pretty good.

Let's get my paint list down and then see where we go.

Article - maybe a more idea piece again - or thought piece - will see
Lots of art to do actually - want to see if I can knock out a few pieces this weekend as I have Monday off.
Beyond that - plan some more stuff for my Wolf Armageddon list - so maybe paint a model.

Luis P
Some more Flesh Tearer Marines - probably a batch of 10 more

Tim V
I have 10 more regular marines plus 4 rhinos to paint for this initial first batch - then we got some knights coming in and more biker guys - plus a combo Biker Libbie on bike.

Don S
Some Warmachine stuff

Some CSM stuff to get done by October

Will Whit
More CSM stuff

NecroOrks - the commission started up with a fury this last week - look for some more big stuff coming.  They are looking cool as hell too.

Greg S
I got a LRC to figure out - and some AM/IG stuff to get done so he can get started with his GK again.  Really cleaning them up for the Inquisition

Cryx! I got 10 Mechanithralls built tonight - they will get some paint on them this weekend.  Plus the Weird Cryx horse guys - I have 3 more to build - will see how much I yell at them.

I have this plus house stuff too - we need to get more Baby things and deal with the car.  Yay!  And I need to get someone to finish the stairs for me.  Ugh been a pain in the ass to find someone.

Ok - so onto lists - this is where I am leaning when I get bits in to create my ThunderGoats.  I have some ideas on ways to get it to look right and not be an issue when figuring out what model does what.

Champs Formation that has Elites over Troops etc
HQ: Wolf Priest, Bike, Runic Armor, Meltabomb
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
FA: Thunder Wolf Cavalry X 5, PF X 2, Wolf Claw X 2, SS X 5

Knight Errant

LoTD Formation
LoTD X 5, Multi-Melta, Meltagun
LoTD X 5, Multi-Melta, Meltagun

This army gives no F's.  It is coming in hard and fast - plus it can get the knight fixed up pretty easily.  The Knight won't be shooting much as he just runs with the bulls/dogs/goats/etc.  The LoTD are there to get Wave Serpents and be annoying in general.  You have to deal with them as they fall down.  I could look at an Assassin too - so it is another idea.  But shit - this list has no casting cuz it don't need it.

Ok - what most people like - models and art.

NecroOrk Destroyer Lord

Some Destroyers

Anni Barge eh?

Its the face that I like.

I magnetized the gun - just in case.

Check out my ass!

It's that over shoulder shot - looking worried out the window as it rains.

More pew pew!

I got some bullets and Jump Pack guys - might be what will see in that Online SM game.
The logo thingie.

Mr. Tyrant!

No one takes his snacks!

Oh crap someone farted!

He just wants to give a sensual back massage.
LVO's Logo for next year.  A shirt and everything will be there too!


Fishboy said...

I was hoping to run into you at Nova but good call on staying home. I got in town last night and my wife called to tell me we had a major gas leak...hope my luck gets better here heh.
I agree with the knights. After playing them at ATC I love the fact that they play fast and are durable.
Good luck with the car and the kid and hopefully we will see you at the ATC next year

Unknown said...

Glad to hear the wife is doing ok! Waiting on our 2nd to pop any day now.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I am just glad she is ok.

Yeah - I just started ideas for the Tzeentch knight. Will see if I can get it done. But it sounds ok so far hahah.

greggles said...

Sorry you missed nova. Would have loved to see some of these gorgeous models in attendance! Hopefully next year!