Thursday, April 30, 2015

Goatboy's Thursday Posts?

Woohoo - another week and a half and a ton more stuff done.  I just keep chunking things out as usual.  I just keep busy.  Lately my output is hamper a bit by my lovely child - so I am just making sure I get quality time.  Paint at first then building at times as my brain starts to shut down.  It is probably the reason for random updates too.  My fault haha.  But oh well.   Lets start with my paint list.

Paint List
BoLS article - might be titled I don't want no Apocalpyse in my 40k!
Destroyer Cult for 500 pt event - Lord, 2 sets of Destroyers are done - one more to do tonight
No idea what else... I think I might be the Necron lord clam shell to do for new army

Chris C
Talos #3 - Primed
Talos #4 - Getting built
Talos #5 - Waiting to come in
Cronos #1 - Primed
Wracks X 10 - Built

Plague Drones X 6 - should be in soon.  It got shipped earlier this week.

Soaking the LR Spartan thinge - will hopefully build it late Sunday night after event

Drop Pod - Built and Primed
Storm Raven - Need to fix
5 Man Command squad for Marines - Grav etc using some FW bikes
I think something else have to look haha - more pods too.

Don S
Cryx cuz he hates me!

I have some other stuff coming in - a clean up/paint up of some Nids - doing a test first to make sure. There is also looking at a FW order thing with Zhufor. It is in the talk phases so will see.  Beyond that there is always stuff for myself I want to get done.  I found my Necron Scheme and I want to continue on with it.  It isn't dirty or broken looking so yay something different.

Got a 500 pt event this weekend.  I am taking a newly painted Destroyer Cult.  The Lord has a Warscythe but that is it.  It should be fun and I like how they are painted haha.  The rules are no characters over 150 pts and limits on 2+ saves so it should be alright.  Plus it got me to get started on my Necron army.  I think I am going to get some tubs to set up army builds - that way I can put stuff in and pull it out when I want to start working on it.  I have this Ork army with a Stompa I want to do real bad.

Necron initial build Idea

Necron CAD
Orikan the Diviner
Cryptek, Solar Staff
Lychguard X 9, Night Scythe
Immortals X 5
Immortals X 5
Tomb Blades X 10, Nebuloscope X 10

Destroyer Cult Formation
Destroyer Lord, Warscythe, Nightmare Shroud, Phase Shifter
Destroyers X 3
Destroyers X 3
Destroyers X 3

Canoptek Harvest Formation
Wraiths X 6, Whip Coils X 6
Scarabs X 3

I have most of this - probably juts need one box of Lychguard and then a Tomb Spyder.  I should have enough random Scarabs laying around or can ask a buddy for some.  It just seems fun and simple and feels random enough to let me out play my opponent instead of out mathing my opponent.

After painting the Destroyer Cult I am going to do the Canoptek Harvest.  That way I can work on units/parts/etc. at a time and still keep up with commissions.

Orks will be coming as I want to get a Stompa working at some point.  Pajama Pants showed it can be done and once we see how the Eldar pan out with events - it might be worth it to invest and look at.  But man those Dscythes will suck butt.  Just need to build my crazy Ork Bike death squad damnit.

Models to look at
Woot - bloody and evil.  Like the technical paint - gonna try that mars red stuff soonish.  Need to buy it too hah.

This guy is pretending to be an airplane!!! ARROOOOO!!!!

This guy is out to get some butter and chocolate to make you a cake.  A death CAKE!!!!

BLUE - not dirty or rusty!  Lava bases cuz well - a display board I have will be lava so might as well match them all to it.

He tells you what to do! King Hater!

More guys - squad # 2 woot!

Speeder storm - gonna fun a Heavy flamer to replace the bolter - All the guys in the back are magnetized to come out.

The guy in the back is checking out the front guys bald spot.




Tristan M said...

ah, but did you also build bases for the magnetized scouts to use once they had disembarked?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Hahahaha - he didn't ask for it thus - they just jump off the ride. Plus one of them looks funky hehehe the one with the connector thing on the hand. If that made any sense... I should probably go to bed haha.