Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wow this is late -

I had 2 weeks of family stuff that kept me from posting.  I did do work - so that was good at least.  So with that - lets do a paint list - its a doozy now.

Art and stuffs Some Adepticon Army shirt drawings to do - should be fun some buddies and it is gasp - more marines but pre heresy so yay!
Article for Bols for the next week
Maybe start more of the Word Bearers Wulfen thing - lists about it.

Nick R
Finish marines - he isn't playing heavily right now so it is just sitting there staring at me - some of the last few bikes

Ryan H
Lots of Space Wolves - one box is almost done - then another box of stuffs

Mike K
More Space Sharks... Lord who would have thought I was going to paint some - part of the LVO bet between me, Alan PJ Pants, and Mike - whoever got the lowest, the best got to pick their army for the next year.  It wasn't me haha - woot!

Greg S
More Marines and a Knight and other things..

Brandon V
More LoTD marines - a big pile of them

More random stuff - damn I need to open that box and get to not paint marines

IH marines after I knock out some necromunda stuff.

That is it for now - it is a bunch of huge lots and lots of Marine stuff.  Maybe I will get more of my Possessed Wulfen done - so will see.  If not it is playing the stuff I already have painted for me.

Trying to go to some events this year.  Doing some art for this event in Oklahoma.  It sounds like I can make it so that is bad ass.  Want to do ATC this year depending on how we get the team as well as BAO too.  I would hope will see.

Let's do some list stuff.

Current Word Bearers Bringing of Chaos Wulfen Space Wolves list.

Wolves Unleashed
HQ: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
HQ: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
HQ: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
HQ: WGBL, Thunder Wolf, PFist, SS, Runic Armor
Troops: Grey Hunters X 5, Wolf Standard, Drop Pod
Troops: Grey Hunters X 5, Meltagun, Drop Pod
FA: Thunder Wolves X 5, PF X 2, SS X 2

Wulfen X 5, SS/Hammer X 2, Axe X 2, Guns X 2
Wulfen X 5, SS/Hammer X 2, Axe X 2, Guns X 2
Wulfen X 5, SS/Hammer X 2, Axe X 2, Guns X 2

It is a big fat foot army that can do some dumb tricks depending on what I roll on the Wulfen chart to start the game.  We shall see haha.  But you will see the models that will make up the Wulfen down below.

Ok - enough of that - lets do some models.
The Finish of Carl's Bikes!

Random Librarian I did if I wanted to change up the GK/Purifer Thing

My First Wulfen/Possessed

The start of the next pack of them.

Random Necro munda woot!

Woot Space Wolves!


Frontline work woot!


Unknown said...

With the unleashed list above, i assume the IC join into the twolves. Dont you worry about not being fearless and loosing them to a long fallback? I always worry about that

Aventine said...

Yeah, but what does the 30K list look like!?