Monday, June 6, 2016

Quick model post update - got a ton of work to do too.  But that is my life haha.

Paint list

Chaos Knight #2 - probably go with a Blue with Orange cracks.  I have another set of resin pieces for a 3 - but really I just want 2 right now.  Maybe I will do my Ork Knights... hrm...
BOLS article - I am out this weekend so I need to write one up before hand.
Illustration for Store front - started working on it woot.

Nick R
Go back to some marines most likely to finish up this bit

Mike K
Tweak some completed marines and finish off the bulk - just vehicles left - pods/rhinos/etc.

Brandon V
Doing up some Fenris Wolves and an Iron Priest real quick - or so I hope

Chaos Dwarves son!

Greg S
Some basic Marine stuff - finished off the Knight bulk

James L
Chaos Space marines!  Woohoo!

Iron hands - trying to find some of these Shield guys to do - that is first on dock

Fellblade is soaking - going to pull all the water/soap stuff out and let dry for a build most likely after the weekend. Matching the Chaos Fire Raptor from last post.

Got a fun weekend with some of my buddies to test out lists.  Gonna bring 4 or so to at least try out.  The Draft FAQ has me thinking the Trip Lance super Power up team might be good.  The Ignore LOS/Cover power on a squad of Knights seems pretty spicy.  But here are the BS lists to look at.

ATC List #1 - Murder Horde plus Mo Dakka Knights
Daemonic Incursion
Murder Horde
Herald of Khorne, Jugger, Lesser Gift X 2, Crown of Khorne, Locus of Wrath - Warlord
Flesh Hounds X 7
Flesh Hounds X 5 - 7 units
Karanak for Aux

Renegade Knight, Gatling Cannons X 2
Renegade Knight, Gatling Cannons X 2

This the list I will most likely play for ATC.  It just does everything I need it to do - plus let me roll 24 shots when I shoot a knight. And you can see - I made at least one Knight for this already haha.

ATC List #2 - Tetrad and Friends
Daemonic Tetrad
DP, MoT, Wings, Impossible Robe, Lvl 3, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift - Warlord
DP, MoN, Wings, Lvl 3, Exalted Gift, Greater Gift (Grim)
DP, MoS, Wings, Lvl 3, Greater Gift X 2, Armor
DP, MoK, Wings, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift, Armor of Scorn

Daemonic CAD
The Masque
Nurglings X 3 - 4 Units

This is the Tetrad with some fun to stop other Death Stars and things.  I don't know how good it is - but it feels great - especially since the masque can slow down Storm Surges too.  I think the Dual Knight list is just overall better for ATC stuff and ITC in general.  But hey - always good to have a Tetrad you can test with.

ATC list #3 - Star I posted on BOLS - the KDK thing - no need to repeat it.

ATC list #4 - Trip Lance and Friends
Imp Knight Formation - Triptate Lance
Warden, Iron Storm
Gallant, Storm Spear
Crusader, Battle Cannon, Iron Storm

Librarian Conclave
Tiggie Smalls
Librarian, Level 2, Force Axe
Librarian, Level 2, Force Axe

Inq Detachment
Xenos Inquistor, Lvl 1 Psyker, Servo Skulls X 3, Psychotroke Grenades
Henchmen - Mystic, Crusaders X 3
Henchmen - Mystic, Acolyte X 2
Henchmen - Mystic, Acolyte X 2

Thought is to roll for Invis and other power up spells.  From there get involved into things and shoot as much as you can.  The Ignore Cover power seems strong as does if you let it do both block LOS as well.  So many of the guns have long ranges so it might work.

Knight with magnetized shoulders - I didn't do the other weapons as I have them from other Knights that can somewhat match.  I wanted to do the guns as a thought from some Conversions I have seen.  Plus it just shoots a lot and has a nice heavy flamer set up.

Woot Fantasy!

Even more fantasy thingies!

mo Bikerz

Pew Pews

Small tweaks for color with adding some yellow but these guys were done.

Speed paint of some flyers.  Will end up adding more later to match the Deadpool army more.

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