Friday, March 21, 2008

Bunch of lists

Here are my tournament lists that I plan on throwing down with in some upcoming tournaments. Of course, seeing as how I am constantly fiddlin with crap, they might change bit by bit, but here are some things I want to play in the upcoming tournaments.

First Chaos. I normally play Chaos, due to the fact that the army is fully painted, and it is one of the few armies I feel I have chance versus most of anything. And it is pretty easy to create a fluff and a heavy list as needed.

First, new thought on a Heavy List. This is most likely what I will be playing in the gladiator tournament at Adepticon. It will probably get stomped, as I am not fielding anything crazy, but hell I am sure I will have fun. And it means I need to create some obliterators.

HQ: Demon Prince, Mark of Slaneesh, Wings, Lash of Submission
Pts: 155 X 2
Elites: Chosen Squad (10), Icon of Khorne, Meltagun X 2, Power Fist X3, Asp Champ
Pts: 315
Troops: Noise Marines (10), Blastmaster, Sonic Blaster (9), Asp Champ, Power Weapon, Meltabomb
Pts: 320 X 2
Fast Attack: Raptors (10), Plasma Pistol 2, Mark of Khorne, Asp Champ, Power Fist
Pts: 300
Heavy: Obliterators (2)
Pts: 150 X 3

Troops: 48, scoring 9
Thoughts on changes, taking out marks of Khorne and rearranging some things to get 9 oblits. Taking out Chosen and just using Raptors as the quick attack unit or counter assault.

Hobby Tournament list

HQ: Demon Prince, Mark of Slaneesh, Lash of Submission, Wings
Pts: 155
HQ: Chaos Lord, Mark of Slaneesh, Daemon Weapon, Meltabombs
Pts: 140
Elites: Chosen (9), Mark of Slaneesh, Plasma Gun (3), Power Weapon (2), Asp Champ, Meltabomb
Pts: 272
Troops: Noise Marines (10), Blastmaster, Sonic Blaster (9), Asp Champ, Power Weapon, Meltabomb
Pts: 320 X 2
Heavy: Obliterators (2)
Pts: 150
Heavy: Land Raider, Dem possession
Pts: 240
Heavy: Defiler, 2 Xtra close combat
Pts: 150
Fast Attack: Raptors (10), Mark of Chaos, Asp Champ, Power Fist
Pts: 250

Troops: 45 Scoring: 8
A tweak on my Heavy list, with more emphasis on Slaneesh, with one Chaos undivided squad. This list should be fun, but I can see first turns, Defilers eatin it pretty good. But hell you get to kill a pink army. Lord rides with the Chosen in the pink Land Raider. Hooray!!!

Orks: First heavy list I want to play in tournies and then my fun list I want to create.

HQ: Ghaz da destroya of dreams
Pts: 225
HQ: Weirdboy, Warphead
Pts: 85
Troops: Shoota boyz (30), Rokkit Launchas (3), Nob, Power Klaw
Pts: 245 x 2
Troops: Slugga Boyz (30), Rokkit Launchas (3), Nob, Power Klaw
Pts: 245 x 2
Troops: Trukk Boyz (12), Rokkit Launcha, Nob, Power Klaw, Trukk, Red Paint
Pts: 157
Fast Attack: Stormboyz (12), Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole
Pts: 184 X 3

Troops: 170 Scoring: 8
Chances for first turn assaults is pretty gross with this army. The thought, is to have a constant wave of assaulting green skins. The stormboyz squads are there to get a guaranteed second turn of assault. In there is chance for a first turn on top of that too. 12 inch +d6 move, if the weirdboy gets a waagh first turn, that is another +d6, for a total of 30 inch assault basically. Not much can stand a constant wave of doom coming at them, and the 4, 30 ork squads coming down with less fire killing them, can be pretty deadly. I feel this list would wreck Big Bugs, and a lot of other armies will have trouble with such a quick assault.

Orks Hobby List (BIKE ARMY OF DOOM!!!)

HQ: Warboss, Warbike, Cybork Body, Power Klaw, Attack Squig
Pts: 145 X 2
Troops: Nobz (6), Warbikes (6), Power Klaw (5), Painboy, Cybork Body (6), Bosspole
Pts: 460 X 2
Elites: Nobz (5), Warbikes (5), Power Klaw (4), Painboy, Cybork Body (5), Bosspole, Combi Skorcha (2)
Pts:395 X 2

Troops: 24 Scoring: 4
Yeah, this list is just dumb but it will sure be fun. My games will last, like... a few minutes haha. But yeah, it is dumb, but it is orky as hell :).

Tell me what you think of the lists.

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