Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick post on a chaos army idea

Tell me what you think, BFG eavy list report coming, need to find my camera cord. But onto the list. This would be a heavy list, but I think it could be interesting.

Demon Prince, Mark Slaneesh, Lash, Wings
155 X 2
Chosen (10), Meltaguns *2, Power Fists *3, Mark Khorne, Asp Champ
Chosen (10), Plasmaguns *3, Pair Lit Claws *2, Mark Slaneesh, Asp Champ
Thousand Sons (7), Asp Sorceror, Bolt of Change
Thousand Sons (7), Asp Sorceror, Bolt of Change
Noise Marines (10), Sonic Blasters (9), Blastmaster, Asp Champ, Power Weapon
Raptors (10), Mark Chaos Undivided, Meltagun *2, Asp Champ, Power Fist

Total 1997

Thoughts? Been playing Havoks and I have started to find them lacking. They shoot for a bit, then suck it up and are kinda wasted point wise. Not being able to move and shoot, really hampers them. Thought about obliterators, but have found them lacking too in some ways. I don't like something that costs 75 points and can be sorched by a lascannon pretty easily. That's just me. Will see, will have to test this out.

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CrusherJoe said...

I think this list looks pretty strong. But I just got the Codex: CSM a few days ago so my opinion is pretty...well...not based in experience. The only thing that really jumps out at me is with the lack of Havocs and/or Oblits there's not a lot of heavy support, which means you'll be depending solely on the meltas for AT duty (or did I miss something?).