Monday, October 12, 2009

Pics of minis worked on over the weekend

Woot - look for more Nob Bikerz, chimeras, and other IG guys as well as Space goats. Woot woot the army boulder keeps on a rollin.

First of all some Space Goats or Goat Hunters.

Body is Khorne Bezerkers with goat heads and regular Ork Arms.

Next are 3 Chaos Trolls that someone else built and I traded for and painted. Based off the Skull Pass Troll.

Next batch of Nob bikerz with Big Choppas.

And a Death Guard test model.

Warmachine guy for Big Red.

What is coming up this week...

IG - Extra Guys
IG - Test Chimera
Orks - Nob Bikerz finished squad
Space Goats - LRC, 2 more Juggers, 10 Wolves
Warmachine - Finished off a small army


The Lord of Excess said...

Hell yes ... lol ... and I am DAMN proud to see someone using a non-GW model for a themed army! Woofuckinghooooo! Awesome man ... keep us updated on the progress!

Chi3f said...

Great stuff. Really like the Goat Hunters.

How about the name Battering Rams haha jk :)