Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I painted some things these last few days

The Fantasy tournament was a wash. I forgot some stuff on my DP and didn't play smart. I also missed some crucial to wound rolls to break certain armies and turn it around. Oh well it is the life of the game eh? You can't win them all haha. I think I might have to just keep on playing with my army and quit trying different builds. Unlike 40k, where I have a good knowledge of the entire spectrum of armies, fantasy I just feel like the little brother who has no idea how to perform that ultra combo. Oh well, I think if I stick with something and learn my army completely I will do better. Moving away from Gateway spam has been a big help and let me play games that are not based on 4 stupid dice rolls. Will post up my final WoC list that I plan on playing for the next few months and just keep at it.

But enough of that - the plan on Thursday to test some Njal stuff and see what fits and what doesn't. Here is one of the lists I think might do well. Njal is a power house, but if your army is full of things that are not looked at as greater then Njal, you will lose him pretty quickly to combined firepower as the game plan becomes kill the jerk. So I decided to take some of the best things of the codex and create a nice mixed list that has a lot of hitting power so the plan of keep Njal alive till turn 3 or 4 will be an easy one. Or so I hope.

2000 pt list

HQ: Njal - 245pts
HQ: Wolflord, Thunderwolf, Thunderhammer, Storm shield, Saga of the Bear - 240pts
HQ: Wolflord, Thunderwolf, Frost Axe, Saga of the Warrior -205pts
HQ: Wolflord, Thunderwolf, Powerfist, Storm Shield - 215pts
Elites: Lonewolf, Terminator Armor, Chainfist, Stormshield, Fenris Wolves (2) - 105pts
Elites: Lonewolf, Terminator Armor, Chainfist, Stormshield, Fenris Wolves (2) - 105pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (10), Meltagun (2), MoW, Rhino - 205pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (10), Meltagun (2), MoW, Rhino - 205pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (9), Meltagun, MoW, Rhino - 190pts
FA: Thunder Wolves (5), Powerfist = 280pts

1995 pts

Will this list work? Who the hell knows. I still have a place for skating LRC's that pour out the fire until you can give a decisive attack from the grey hunters, but who knows.

The 3 Wolf lords are attached to the Thunder Wolves and run up with them. Second turn they split apart and start to go towards whatever they need to hurt. Obviously the Saga of the Bear guy is for dreadnoughts and other nonsense. The two other wolf lords are designed to hit squads and vehicles at the same time too. So will see if it works. The thought is the scary Thunder wolves will take the attention away from the main meat of the army and let Njal set up and do goofy things. Will see if it works.

Now some pics. I finished up all the wolves for the regular Space Goats army I plan on playing. The list above is very similar, except I won't take Njal as I figure a regular Rune Priest is pretty dang sweet at 100 points. The unsagaed Wolf Lord gets Saga of the Wolfkin and we get some wolves to run in front of the Thunderwolves. As well as the Saga of the bear guy getting some dogs to run with him too. It becomes a much more dog heavy list and I think more fun. Will see.

But pics of stuff.


Jwolf said...

The Fantasy Tournament went great. :)

I'll give you a chance to play for the title before we settle into Njalapalooza on Thursday.

Boss Salvage said...

The lonegoats look ace man. Really digging the modeling side of this project, and I'll admit it's about the most genuine counts as puppy army I've seen yet.

- Salvage

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Thanks - it is a pain with some of them. And I wanted to make sure to have the coolness of a giant wolf like thing for Thunderwolves.

Need to do another troop squad and then I will be settled on that side. After that it is rhino painting time. It is getting close to get done :).