Sunday, May 30, 2010

Goatboy - I got 2nd overall at the Alamo

Woot - Space Goats for the win. I sorta wished I played my dreadnought list down below, but I went ahead and threw down with a 3 Wolf Lord 1 Rune Priest build. Very similar to the one below. The only big crap tastic thing was my Canis fell and ate it. He shattered but I was able to put him back together. Of course with Plastic Juggers in the future (I hope) there might be a big push to redo 4 of them to get me a completely plastic army. I am just crazy that way haha. And I am kinda out of things to get for armies as I've just about built everything I want to play (Nids and an ork expansion is what I have left).

But anyway here is a bit of a Battle Report. I have forgotten most names, so if you played me pipe in etc. So without further ado, a short and sweet Battle Report.

Round 1 - Shrike and some Marines - Nice player who hasn't played a whole bunch. I make sure to explain my army fully and we get on with it. He hasn't played versus Space Wolves and of course mine is an unorthodox build. I won this game and he rolled some bad rolls to lose some important things. He had a round versus the Thunder Wolf and Friends mob where he won combat (I rolled bad and will continue to roll bad throughout the tournament) and I stuck versus his Terminators. I did have my Saga of the bear Lord try to killed the LRC for 4 rounds of combat (I immobilized it). I even took a break and moved over to the scouts trying to snipe me in the butt. I finally got it at the end to clear his models off the table. 20 points to me.

Round 2 - I play against the first guys friend who came down from another state. I am sorry my brain is addled as we drank a lot of beer in this round. He was playing Blood Angels with a big death company, Seth, and some terminators. He had 2 LR's, one a Crusader and one a Redeemer. He also had two jump squads as well as a 5 man tactical/hold objective unit. He did have one drop pod dread that came in a cool burrowing thing. It was so bad ass I might have to convert some for my dreads. It just looks neat. He got it from Adepticon and I wish I would have seen them too. This game was when my dice where hot and I immobilized the Death Company LRR with only 3 missile shots. The other 6 missiles took the gun off the other LRC. After that initial round of fire, I had to go get him a beer as that was total BS. From there my Wolf Company ate up his Death Company and the counter assault of everyone took all but the Wolf Lord Saga of the Warrior guy. He ended up killing a bunch of guys and ran around being a jerk. I won in the end with Max points as I was an assault away from my Warrior guy hitting his final tactical squad. Good game and a hell of a lot of fun. I think if he would have hide his Dreadnought with Blood Talons behind an LR and ran him out after I got close the game would have been different. He agreed and tried it out later and he had a lot of success with it. 20 points to me.

Round 3 - This was versus a Vulkan less Salamander army. He said that Vulkan wouldn't be with every force and I agree. This was James Sanchez out of Kingsville and an excellent player. It was a dawn of war game and I got lucky to kill one dreadnought. My bad dice rolls started in this game, as the other 2 wolf lords and doggies failed a leadership test and ran off the board. I even almost lost due to charging a salamander squad with two Grey Hunter units and losing combat. He chased both down and I only won with 1 kill point. Very odd game as he couldn't kill an immobilized rhino. This game was a nail biter till the end and really showed that even if losing 700+ points of your army in the first turn, you still can turn it around with some smart general ship. 16 points to me.

This ended Day 1 and it was off to day 2. We had 3 players in the top with Me, Jonathan Willingham and Jon Brock all tied with points. I ended up playing Jonathan with his Logan Wing force.

Round 4 - Jonathan is an ex Toledo guy who now lives in Houston. Hopefully we will get a chance to see him more often as he is a good player. He was playing Logan, some Wolf Guard Terminators, Null Rod Inquisitor, Wolf Priest, 3 Pods full of Grey Hunters and 2 5 Missile Launcher Long fang squads. I was ready to throw in with my super dog unit in the middle but fate did not do me well. I lost every single model to failed armor saves in the first round of Jonathan's shooting phase. He shot me with bolters, storm bolters, flamers, and melta guns and I failed all my cover saves and most of my armor saves to lose every single model without having to roll a leadership test. I also missed almost half of my shooting from any of my Long Fangs as well as most of my own return fire. I stuck it out till the end, but this was a full on loss by me. Jonathan played well and with his slower moving army still played well and beat my poor Goat Ass hah. And it shows that Logan is a monster just like we thought he was. Also at this time, Jonathan had beaten up 3 Austin guys before me. 4 sad little points for me.

Round 5 - Jeff Grajeda (Sp?) - This is a local Austin guy who is a damned good Fantasy player. In fact, his stupid rats have beaten the crap out of my Chaos most of the time. He was throwing down with Orks and as you know I am a seasoned Ork player. Jeff had some bad nob biker placement and I capitalized on it. My Super Wolf unit took out the nob bikerz, 2 Battle Wagons, Ghazghul and a full squad of Meganobz. I would say that is a pretty even trade. Jeff had one Mega Dread coming at me the entire game and my missiles were just bouncing off. The turn before he would crash into my guys a missile finally blew it up. I was rooting for the Metal beast to get in there and cause some damage. I ended up whipping him from the table. Grey Hunters are great versus charging Orks. 30 + attacks, yes please. Good game and it is always great to see both sides of the GW universe play together and become something more then just squares versus circles. Max points to me.

I ended up at 2nd overall and took home their Davy Crockett Award for best sportsman. They knew it was a better prize then 2nd overall. I got 3 best game votes and was somewhat of an anomaly to have 3 best games and have as many battle points as I did. I had a great weekend and a great time. I won my 3rd Stompa so maybe one day I will get around to making them. Most likely one will be a crazy terrain piece for Bolscon.

I want to say a big thank you to Alamo people that ran a great tournament. I plan on coming back next year and if 8th edition is as cool as the rumors are saying it is then maybe you will see my Warriors of Chaos come down to San Antonio and try not to lose too badly.


Chumbalaya said...

Cool report, grats.

Stelek said...

Congrats man. Nice to see this.

I sooo wanna play my Tau against your Goats. lol I'm sure you'd make your invul saves this time around though. ;)

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Knowing my luck, probably not hahah. 3+ shit I need a 1.5+ save to make it sir hahah.

TheKing Elessar said...

Nice report, well done - though a few pics to break it up wouldn't have gone amiss. :)

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I forgot to use my camera phone for nice blurry pics haha. I always forget + the beer probably contributed to no pics hah.