Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goatboy - Midweek Update

First of all - the HOA stuff. I got almost all the troops done - just need to get some bikerz in to finish of a big batch of bikes for part of the main army. I got some Burnas to do as well as one more BW and then whatever the evil Mek Teek sends me to paint up. So all in all a good amount done and we are pretty much on track. Like a BOSS!!!


Look for Burnas coming next week and some more bikerz cuz I will be painting a lot. Woohoo!

Now onto something different - I painted some Malifaux stuff for a new client. Hopefully he likes them. I sent them off yesterday. Painting them was fun and look for a review on BOLS sometimes soon as it was a starter box I painted. Amazing, metal models I didn't mind painting and putting together.

Woohoo!!! Hopefully I can do some more. He liked em from the pics - so hopefully it ends up being a continuous thing.

And finally some art. I have been busy busting out some banners for people lately. So you will see more Goatboy art all over the interwebz!

Again if you want a banner it is only $25.00 bucks if you are interested. Shoot me an email to thomasart @

And finally a stupid Grey Knight list I will be playing tomorrow to hopefully death and destruction.

GKM, Psycannon, Psychotroke
Paladins X 5, Apoc, Halberds X 2, Psycannon X 2, Daemon Hammer
Purifiers X 7, Psycannon X 2, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer, Rhino
Purifiers X 7, Psycannon X 2, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer, Rhino
Purifiers X 7, Psycannon X 2, Halberds X 4, Daemon Hammer, Rhino
Purifiers X 5, Incinerators X 2, Halberds X 2, Daemon Hammer, Razorback, Psybolt Ammunition
Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator
Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator

Woohoo - I am coming to get you! That is the plan anyway.

That is it for now - look for more Goat action another time! ARROOOO!!!


The Inner Geek said...

How much for a banner if you are not interesting? Any why does it matter?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Hahahahah - let me fix that. I was like - WTF jerk - then I read what i wrote. And then I called myself fat and stupid. And I ate a cake.


Scrap Square said...

Wow those malifaux models look awesome!!

Wish mine had room for osl...stupid ice monsters