Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wow - Haven't posted in a week or so

Sorry - got caught up in life and just chugging along. I have been writing GK lists and other nonsense trying to get prepared for Ard Boyz and Feast. I will post some ideas up when I get back from a small Vacation to New Orleans. Should be fun with my wife. We need a few days off haha. Her friend lost her Mother so she has been hanging out with her.

So instead of posting a lot of random bits I will just post some stuff I painted over this time. Woohoo.

To all those at Nova - good luck and I hope the flights and everything are safe for when you get back. Kick some ass - take some names and I am thinking Tony might win it all again this year. Or good ole Adam and his DE.

That is it for now - again more lists and other nonsense this week.


poipo said...

What range are those chaos dwarves from?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Um no idea - it is a strange blood bowl thing. So not sure at all.