Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goatboy - I know its Wednesday

So sue me haha. I have been busy with work and trying to catch up on some miniature stuff. So first things first - the LIST!

Evil Dreadknight thingie - Built, halfway painted. It is a big mix of a bunch of things - pics will come later on this week.
Tempted to Build a Customer Kharn design - Waiting on bits to come in, but I want to do something crazy with Chaos, orks and other bits.
Plastic Dudesmen - Art bit done - need to color and build
Cover for book idea - Pieces started
Logo for Site - need to build it out

11 Necromunda Figures - Primed and built
Another batch of Mordhiem - In pieces
Probably a small bit of Necromunda - In pieces

Michael S
1 Ork Flyer - that is my plan damnit!

7 Wyches part 2 - Done!
Venom 3 - Done!
Raider 1 - In pieces

Randy M
Build first few Infinity and maybe paint - In Pieces

I will be playing a team event this Sunday. I am teaming up with Jay aka Bushido Red Panda and we are planning on throwing down with Terminator Armageddon. He will have DeathWing and I will be with a bad DraigoWing.

HQ: Draigo
Troops: Paladins X 10, MC Psycannons X 4, Swords X 3, Warding Stave X 1, Halberds X 3, Hammers X 2, Bro Banner, Apoc
Troops: Paladins X 1
Heavy: Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator
Heavy: Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator, Personal Teleporter

1495 on the nose. This is a dumb list that is really just me testing out if somethign like this is actually viable. I doubt it but it sure will look fun with the Monkey Dreadknight jumping along with an evil Dreadknight haha.

I got my first list thoughts on Necrons coming this Monday on BOLS. Will post more lists after that as I think the ideas are sound even with the threat of an FAQ making some of the fun not nearly as mean. Will see. I have changed my mind after reading up on some other thoughts and more Theory hammering. Is it the best? No but it does do some mean things to so called best lists. I think even if they change out Entropic strike to happen after the Penetrate the sheer mass of bugs will be more then enough to hurt people.

I uploaded some model pictures so lets check em out.

Oh also it has been forever since I have seen an Anime I want to watch - saw this up on another site and I just want to see it bad. - Check it Crazy Racecar Anime. I just love the dark heavy line work and flat colors.

Beyond this I hope to get a game on Thursday with the Jumping Knights. Something dump and fun that should give me some ideas on where I need to go post Necron. Force the rock to go one way instead of spreading all along my lines. It might work out haha.

HQ: Draigo
HQ: Xenos Inq, Rad Grenades, Psychotroke Grenades, Plasma Siphoon
Troops: Paladins X 10, MC Psycannons X 4, Swords X 3, Warding Stave X 1, Halberds X 3, Hammers X 2, Bro Banner, Apoc
Troops: Paladins X 1
Troops: Paladins X 1
FA: Inceptors X 10, Psycannon X 2, Psybolt, Daemon Hammer X 1
Heavy: Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator, Teleporter
Heavy: Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator, Teleporter

2000 pts on the nose and I should lose some games with it. But it will look neat on the table top for sure!

Alright that is it - back to working.

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Terminus Est said...

I love those Arbites and dark eldar. Really great stuff bro !!

Poochie is cool too !!