Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goatboy - It's Sunday - so I am posting?

Yup yup - posting on Sunday. As I continue my movement into just straight Wolves I keep coming back to not wanting any Long Fangs for sure. It limits what my army moves and does. So no Long Fangs still. I want to do some Thunder Wolf Armageddon nonsense too next week - but I still feel winning with a few models is not exactly the coolest option. Still it is something to look at and another cog in the testing wheel of good/decent interesting lists. I do wish the troops had more - well stuff but what you can you do with marines and the codex design in general. One to two troops.

Let's do the paint list.

Plastic Dudesmen - Got the Script - need to draw it up.
Primarch #5 - Either redraw one or color one I have already drawn up.
Script out X-432 the Barbarian
Extra Cool Goat guys - Need to buy some Goat Heads - yay ebay. Plus I need to make more Dozer Blades for my vehicles. Got the way to do it on others - need to make more.
Start the build process on 2nd Comtemptor Dread - Going to use Puppets War stuff as I think the arms look better. It will be a Word Bearer Pre-Heresy style - so some neat stuff and lots of scrolls.

10 Scourges - Primed!
1 Raider - Not Primed!
1 Raider - Maybe build one!

Luis P
12 Necromunda - FInish off this last batch of guys. - built not primed
1 Heavy Weapon Guy - Got the pieces need to build em
10 Mordhiem dudes - Need to build em

Scott M
Build Third Ork Flyer - Got the 2nd one built - need to order basing stuff and then build the other 2.

Mike N
Start building orks for the 2nd batch of stuff.

Lots of things - will see if I get them done. Not this Friday but the next is my Birthday. 34 years old. Woohoo! My little brother turns 30 this year too so it is kinda mind blowing hah. Still it is neat and I am glad for my 34 years on this planet. I hope to have many more (so does my wife).

Alright enough of that - models!

Next up later on this week - trying out some thought process of creating non static lists. Will see how it goes. Will do Thunder Wolf HQ armageddon and other nonsense and the idea of a constantly evolving list. Woohoo!

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Brandon Griffith said...

Word Bearers Contemptor, huh? Finally got my hands on IAA 2E, and I'm thinking about Death Guard for mine when the time comes. I'm into the -1 to damage chart lately.

PS, if you're using Puppet Wars arms and don't need your contemptor shoulders or arms, I'll trade you for 'em if you're interested.