Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Goatboy - Lordie Lordie its Wednesday

Doing an update as I painted up some stuff the other day that I liked. Woohoo! So far the week has been good to catch up. Got a small bit finished for a client that will go out in front of the 40 shoota boyz I need to complete it. Woohoo! I like painting orks. I want to get another flyer built for another client too. I got some ideas to get the ork out of it and it should work out pretty well.

I bought the VC book because I always liked the Vampire counts. I doubt I will do a fantasy army but always enjoyed the idea of unit fillers and creating dynamic blocks of dudes that will die to a jerk hole of a spell. Or something from the Rat Bastards. Either way it is an awesome looking book and I can't wait to see the 40k ones that will come out (LEGIONS!!!).

The 6th edition leak is interesting as I feel the rules give me a lot of neat factor with them. The sheer brutality of assault mixed with the movement will make for a very fast game that handles into my realm of play style. I want to see it cleaned up and I hope we might get an earlier release. I think it looks good from my initial readings and does a lot of neat things that will increase the game play instead of just making it too simple. Plus they fix cover saves!

Current list I will play on Thursday. I call this - ETERNAL GOATS!

HQ: Logan
HQ: Wolf Lord, Storm Shield, Chainfist, Terminator Armor, Saga of the Bear
HQ: Rune Pries,t Chooser of the Slain, JaWs, Living Lightning
Elites: Long Wolf, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer
Troops: WG X 10, Arjac, Terminator Armor X 5, Powerfist (Non termie) X 4, Combi-Melta X 4,Powerfist (Termie) X 2, Storm Shield X 2, CML X 2
Troops: Grey Hunters X 8, Wolf Standard, Meltagun, Rhino, Dozerblade
Troops: Grey Hunters X 8, Wolf Standard, Meltagun, Rhino, Dozerblade
Troops: Grey Hunters X 8, Wolf Standard, Meltagun, Rhino, Dozerblade
Troops: Grey Hunters X 8, Wolf Standard, Meltagun, Rhino, Dozerblade

The sheer amount of melta deals with Paladins and Blood Talon assholes. I might swap two out for flamers or other weird options. It will drop the nutty WG squad down in cost too. Either way it is a thought and this is a basic list. That Termie unit is a bit nutty as it should beat the crap out of anything coming near it. So will see and all those Eternal Warrior wounds is pretty neat. RAR! Plus the Lone Wolf is designed to chase units down without the terminator armor. I have a model painted up like that. He will hide behind rhinos and do his business.

Painted models! Just 3 today with a converted fat butt Ork Warboss, some Dark Lanced warriors for the DE I have been painting, and finally the VC guy Krell guy.

I will update friday how the army faired. Will see if it works alright.


Rupert said...

For the cost of the SotB Wolf Lord, you could get 2 more Lone Wolves which I would think is significantly better?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I think it might work out too - it is something to test. The issue being - the WL will help that scoring unit - while the Lone Wolves will be design to annoy. I want to test one heavily then up it if they are interesting.

Too bad tomorrow I need to play Chaos with my Comtemptor Dread for a battle report. Fabius Bile for the win!

adamharry said...

Next time we play I'm gonna smash your contemptor! you leave my Blood talon dread alone!!!

DonPalle said...

Krell is awesome, i'm so happy that GW released that awesome miniature :D