Monday, October 1, 2012

Late Monday!

Woohoo - Chaos is coming!  And I can't wait to get my book and start brain storming.  Plus I need to get my CSM ready for Feast.  Thinking of doing a Demon bomb with it as well - basically the one I posted on BOLS.

HQ: Herald, Bolt, Chariot, Master of Sorcery
Elites: Flamers X 9
Troops: Pink Horrors X 9, Changeling, Bolt of Tzeentch
FA: Screamers of Tzeentch X 9

600pts on the Nose - leaving me 1400 for Feast to play with CSM.

I am buying 2 Mauler Fiends and 1 Hell Drake.  I bet I use more Hell Drakes as I think with some special work they can be pretty mean.  Kill those AA guns fast.  And you will slowly grind out the win.   Next week it is CSM lists for Monday and them some ideas as well. Hopefully they will still work well.

Currently I am looking to get all 70 Cultists done this week.  I got 49 done - have another 9 primed and got my next two batches in as well.  Woohoo!  It is looking like a bunch of jerks ready to go.  I also got a Dark Apostle painted up as well tonight.  Woohoo!  It is converted off of a Chosen (which I am sure a lot of people will be using etc).  I cut of some bits, add some other crap and viola we got a guy spouting some nonsense about Chaos.

Let's write up this paint list for the week as well.

Plastic Dudesmen - Wyatt came up with another strip and I still have one in the can - so will look at doing another one.
Cultists X 9 - Done!
Cultsits X 9 - Primed!
Culstists X 12 - In pieces - but should get done this week.
Pics of all the Cultists when I get them done.  Week and a half to paint up 70 cultists plus a ton of other things - not to shabby eh?
Plus who the hell knows what else hah.
Oh - Will try to get Sadness Donuts shirt up.  Plus maybe something else if people are interested.  It will be a POD sort of service and most likely 20 bucks so will see.

Kroot X 16 - Done!
And Shipped even!  He is going to send some more stuff as well.  Woohoo.

Luis P
9 Dark Veng Tactical Squad guys - Done!
3 Bikers - Primed
5 Termies? - In Pieces

Better Pic of The Kraken - Love the base.

Feast of Blades full Raffle bit from me.  Heavy conversion Inquisitor and two "psycannon" conversions.  I just like how Assault Cannons work.  Plus you get to use the Psilencer piece.  We all should have tons of those.

Gun tweak to make it - well different enough to be different stuff.

Kroot!  RARGH!!!

Dark Apostle? Will take a better pic later and fix the base color - Painted it tonight while watching some television with my lovely wife.

Small conversion on the Sarge - powerfist/swap etc

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