Friday, September 28, 2012

woohoo - It is Friday!!  CSM are coming.  It looks to be a horde army which is very interesting to me.  I love to paint lots of models and cover the board in guys who worship some kind of creepy "business time" god.  Woohoo!  right now the idea I have is the following.

Sorc person
Dark Apostle or Chaos lord if I want to unlock troops
2 Blobs of Cultist - 35 each - one with 3 flamers and the other with 3 stubbers
1 blob of Noise marines - Dakka dakka
1 to 2 Blobs of CSM - 4 plasma?, guns, etc
1 Blob of Havoks
2 Daemon Engines
1 Dragon
1 Aegis

that is where my brain is thinking right now.  Will see if fabius bile will be as abusive as my feverish Goat brain is thinking.  Either way I am excited.  I have almost 20 Cultists done - just bought some more and will get my 70 ready to go by Next week.  Then it is time to paint CSM and other crap heads.  Woohoo!

I am seeing CSM fixing a lot of Ally armies.  Orks get a big bump with Havoks and cheap troops.  Can you see a Dragon flying between 3 Dakka jets?  IG love Chaos as well as they give some nice anti personel options.  Necrons can also get a lot of help as well and you might see my normal Necron contingent going with some CSM in the future.  Look for a lot more discussion next week for sure.

So with that - here is where I am at with the Paint list.

Paint list

CSM - Dark Vengeance - 10 Chosen - 7 are Done
CSM - Dark Vengeance - 11 Cultists - Done!
10 more Cultists - 5 are Done - 5 are halfway done!
10 more Cultists - Primed!
Hellbrute - Done!
GK Strike Squad for Feast Raffle - Done!
Plastic Dudesmen - 2 are Done!
Luis P
Dark Vengeance - 3 Bikers - Done!
Dark Vengeance - 3 Bikers - Primed!
Dark Vengeance - 8 Marines - Need to build

2 more Drones - Done!
16 Kroot - Need to base and prime

Chris C
Kraken - Done!

Woot - pics of the other done stuff this weekend.  I will be at work on Sunday so I should get this all done!

Other 3 guys are done!

3 more Left!

Friends are coming!


Zoom Zoom!


Muskie said...

I'm thinking of getting back to my roots with this codex and running a Plaguemarine heavy list for a while. I want to be able to play more and paint less. I think sixth edition deserves a new converted Nurgle Lord on bike for true toughness 6. Though if he can't have a personal icon he may get surrounded and beat down.

If he can have an icon I plan to use some deep striking Nurgle terminators or Nurgle Assault troops or both. If my Lord needs some buddies with an icon I'll do a small squad of Nurgle bikers too.

I'm thinking of trying 5 man squads of plaguemarines to maximize special weapons and champs. I'm also thinking of putting a ten man squad in a rhino to assault objectives.

I'm not sure what to do with cultists other than use them as a human shield. I want them to be an assault wave, but painting 35 will take me time. I also wonder if they wouldn't work better behind the portable barrier lead by the chief cheerleader who may make them fearless...

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I am planning on human shield. if you are going Nurgle - Typhus will make them into annoying batch of zombie jerks which should be annoying to get rid of. Turn on the flamers! haha.

Brent said...

Oh my God but I love these models! You've outdone yourself, my man!