Sunday, December 1, 2013

Goatboy's Sunday… Before it really gets grooving with more paint!

Yeah it depends on when I finish this post.  I got some models to take pics of and maybe some art to do.  Will see.  Lots of stuff to do as I am always busy hah.

First - got the new job I put in for finally.  I was told earlier but I officially got it on Monday.  You are looking at a Design Engineer!  Woohoo!  Good times indeed.  Work wise it will be all new and I get to learn other stuff.  Plus I don't have to take customer calls anymore!  Hooray beer!  Besides that I continue to try and figure out what I want to do for all these Daemonettes I plan on playing.

I have painted a ton of the models so I don't want to paint the same thing over again.  They were not for me so I want something different.  The idea I have right now is to do each squad differently to allow me to see what goes where as well as see how many models they are in each squad.  I will post the models I have done tests with to see what people think down below.

Besides that I have some buddies doing a Kick Starter for their Play mat for 40k.  Reese and the crew over at Frontline Gaming have but together a pretty sweet product to help get you a bad ass gaming table.  It is a soft mat that lays out over your table to help give you a much cooler gaming top.  Plus it does give you some protect as your models tip over a bit.  Check out the Kick Starter and throw in if interests ya.  They are wanting to do more designs and I would love to see a Chaos based one.  Or hell a cool oozy green glowing table.

Alright - let's lead with a paint list.

Test Daemonettes X 4 - 2 are done, 2 more are planned.
Converted Grinder - Almost finished building - this is one I started awhile ago and figured it needs to get done.
Other stuff I am sure.
Bols Article - Written
Plastic Dudesmen - Next weeks might already be drawn
Art for MVBrandt -- Done
Art for TexasGamesCon - Done
Art for other people - in the works as usual
Art for Frontline gaming posters - A few more need to get done but I have 2 drawn.

10 Bane Thralls - Done!
1 Warcaster - Done!
More stuff - pulled out some other casters and solos.

Luis P
5 Scouts + Telion - Done!
5 Terminators - Done!
5 Sniper Scouts - in pieces
2 Apocatheries - Started - one is done the there is in the initial shade stage.

2 Grinders - 1 is done!

John G
3 Bile Drones - 1 needs to get built - then they get painted Sunday
3 More Bile Drones - In a box calling me names - done by next week.

I know the fat Khorne tank is coming - plus I might get one for myself.

Let's talk lists.  I played this list once already - it seemed good when I tested it out by playing bad.  I still won but I did not pay enough attention to deployment and got very lucky on rolls to win.

HQ: LOC, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift, Lvl 3
HQ: LOC, Greater Gift X 2, Lesser Gift, Lvl 3
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Troops: Daemonettes X 20
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoS, Baleful Torrent
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoS, Baleful Torrent
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoS, Baleful Torrent

I liked the Grinders in this type of list as it gives me a nice "protective" daddy for the Daemonettes.  It just means I either recondition the ones I have plus the new one I made - or make new ones.  Knowing me I make new ones as I have problems.

I got a test game in today vs DarkWynn.  The dice were on my side with one turn getting the +1 to Inv saves for the Daemons.  I moved up, my two LOC's were a pain in the ass (Both got  FNP 4+ and Reroll Inv) and just started to grind down.  Warlord took out Coteaz, the other kill the Chapter master and I kept Nick in his Deployment zone.  I was rolling hot for saves on the big stuff (small stuff not so much).  I got in a stupid 12 inch charge with one grinder and just got locked in.  Fun times indeed.

Some models/Art to look at.
More for Frontline Gaming stuff.

Mike Brandt needed a cooler piece of art - so I obliged.  
TexasGamesCon, Wargames Con, Bolscon, Etc shirt design

Helbrute, Forge Fiend Gun, Crypt Ghoul Wings, Forge Fiend Legs, Greenstuff and Hobby knife!  Tentacle maker to the rescue as usual.

Test Daemonette.  Legs/Chest Marauder, Arms Forsaken, Head Beastmen, Green stuff.  Looks better in real life he colors got a bit washed out.  

The Second test is using a Wych model.  I will have to do double combat arms as the gun won't make any sense.  It is a pretty simple paint job but the red is awesome looking.  It has that weird look etc I like.  The other two are based off the cultist and a beast man.

More Cryx!  Getting through more and more foam trays for this group.

Flesh Tearer Scouts!

First Refurbished Grinder for a client.  I got another one to do.  

Pretty simple paint job - I will write down my steps for those interested.  Do you want me to do this more?
Done over the entire model as it is mostly metallic
Black Primer
Dark Brown Heavy Brush - cheap color from hobby store
Orangish Brown Heavy Brush - cheap color from hobby store
Warplock Bronze Heavy Brush
Blackened Steel from Reaper Heavy brush
Runefang Steel Drybrush
Flesh Colors
Xereus Purple
Highlight to Screamer Pink
Highlight to Pink Horror
Edge Highlight to Old Tentacle Pink (You can skip this if you want)
Edge some pars with Ulthuan Grey - should have used Palid Wych Flesh
Green highlights
Kabalite Green
Sybarite Green
Moot Green
Gauss Blaster Green - Edge paint - if you have to order something from GW throw in some of these - they are nice to have.
Rotten flesh spots of for a whitish green - it is nursling green now - might be to green so you can stop at the Gauss one
Sanguine Base from Privateer Press
Mephiston Read
Edge with Wild Ryder Red.
Washes - effects.
Wash Corners with the Noxide Wash and then do some more with the Sotek Green to help brighten it.
Then I wash parts with a combo of 2 Agrax, 1 Nuln, 1 Guilliam Blue mixed with some Matte Medium plus water.  This I got from Ben on BOLS and it is an amazing wash.  You should mix it - it has a lot of weight that lets it flow into cracks and is very versatile.  I use it to get a good grim dark shade on most things.

Guy took like almost 2 shows worth of TV to finish.  Something like that.  I know I use a lot of paint but it all comes down to how to use your brushes etc.  Just knowing how paints flow together and the right amount of stuff to get my style down.

Alright that is it for now.  I am off to help to set up a printer for my mom for the second time.  First time it was a crap printer and now they have a new one.  Should be easy peasy.

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