Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ugh - It is Cold

Why Texas… Why are you so cold?  Meh… I paid for nice weather with the heat in the summer.  Jerk hole weather!  Ok enough of me bitching - I painted a crap ton this weekend.  I took Friday off because of getting a new job in the same company and most likely not getting these last two days I wanted off.  This means this last Friday and the next were off.  Woohoo!  Fun times indeed.

I got another post about tournaments this next Monday.  Will see how many people bitch at me.  Just trying to drum up conversation.  As usual the BOLS commentors will have some gems and lots of turds.  Meh… life of the internet eh?

Quick Army list.


HQ: Fateweaver
Troops: Daemonettes X 18
Troops: Daemonettes X 18
Heavy: DP, MoT, Wings, Armor, Lvl3, Exalted, Greater
Heavy: DP, MoT, Wings, Armor, Lvl3, Exalted, Greater

HQ: Be'lakor
Troops: Cultists

1750 list.  Meh - still think hordes of Daemonettes are good.  But a 3++ Heldrake is pretty baller.  Meh… no fun haha.

Paint lists

Plastic Dudesmen - Next Weeks - who knows..
BOLS Article - Written
Art for Chris X 2 - Done!
Frontline Art for LVO - 2 More drawn - need to color
Card Art for Character Cards for friends - Not done… a few to do
Random Art I am sure I will have to do?
Complete one squad of "Daemonettes" - hard to do armies when we don't know the tournament types yet.

Khorne Skull Dude Tank - Just got it Today - In a Box

5 Lit Claw Termies - Done
5 Scouts - Done
5 Sang Guard - Not done
6 more Scouts - Not Done
Random Dude with Jump Pack - Not Done

Will W
2 Soul Grinders - Done!
Mini commission shipped!

2 Pistol Wraiths - Done
2 Other Girl Witch thingies - Done
1 Thrall thingie - Done
3 More random Models - need to rebuild and paint…
More to come for sure

John G
3 Bile Drones - Done!
3 More to finish - Need to build tonight

I have lots of stuff coming in.  Lots of small commissions too so look for fast turn arounds on single models.  Fun times indeed.

I played with Be'Lakor and he was ok.  I need to get some serious games in with him to figure him out. I am making a card or him so people can track him wounds etc.  Plus a place for marking when you get extra Warp Charges.  Fun times indeed.

Let's go with what people like to see - painted models and art.

Woohoo - even though he is metal he is still awesome!


Lots of Flesh Tearers.

Cryx yay!

Woot another Soul Grinder.  


warhead01 said...

olIt was a nice 80 to day in FL.
I like the direction you have been headed in, regarding comp. I have been looking for the 3rd edition comp sheets. if you can find one it might give you some new ideas, unless you've been playing that long. I have been going through your blog looking at your Orks. I like what you've done. Any chance you could do a big ol' Ork army review?

Chuck Williams said...

Goats! That Belakor is a sexy bitch.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I will probably be doing a ton more orks in the coming months. Once I finish up Daemons, decide if I want to do Nids (got a scheme I will begin testing for myself in a few weeks), and maybe do a quick Goat Marine army. Meh too much to do plus commission stuff.

Thanks for liking the Be'Lakor. Hopefully I get to play him in some events haha.