Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lalala - Another week - More models

Woohoo - I got a Lord of Skulls My First Trukk to do so hopefully I can get that done this week so I can play a quick bat rep before I send it on to the client.  It was a slowish week due to my explosive last weekend.  I hope to have another good weekend as the wife is working, buddies are out of town, and I can prime models in my garage.  Woohoo!

Let's start with the current Paint list I want to do.

Plastic Dudesmen - Need to get an idea - writer has one that I hope is good - most likely better then mine (last two have been mine)
Article for Monday - No idea - might be a hobby one with more Daemon Princes I've done.
Red Wyches/Daemonettes - Want to get one squad done then decide if I want to do all of them like this or go into other ideas to make a really crazy force of nonsense - the Goblins from the Hobbit game might be good - 18 in a box too… hrm…
Maybe one other thing for me...
Art Design for Ettin Games - Done!
Art for Rob Dog Daemon Prince - Drawn but might get redrawn meh!
Art for friends Baby's room - Firefly ship - Not done :(
Art for GMM - He asked me today so no it is not done!
2 Propaganda Posters for Frontline - Not done - Would people be interesting in the Abaddon one or the Sisters one as shirts?  Inquiring minds want to know.
I am sure other stuff but hey...

Rob G
Dog Headed Be'Lakor - Done and shipped!

More Tactical Marines - Need to build em
5 Sang Guard - Done
1 Metal Jump Pack Chaplin - Primed!

Cryx stuff - Painted 5 things already
2 Metal dudes -Done
2 Warjacks - not primed - need to fix one

John G
3 Bile Drones - Done

Don S
Lord of Skulls -Built - this jerk took like 3 hr long Dvr's shows - so like almost 3 hours haha.

Blargh… So this round of talk about bannings and other things mean I need to work on different lists if I want to play Daemons.  I still might play the small as hell marine army cuz I have most of it already so will see.  Meh… list of lists!

Daemon Rush 4000!

HQ: Fateweaver
HQ: Herald of Khorne, Juggernaut, Locus of Wrath, Lesser Gift, Greater Gift
HQ: Herald of Slaanesh, Exalted Gift, Lvl 2
HQ: Herald of Slaanesh, Exalted Gift, Lvl 2
HQ: Herald of Slaanesh, Lvl 2
Troops: Daemonettes X 18
Troops: Daemonettes X 18
Troops: Daemonettes X 18
FA: Flesh Hounds of Khorne X 14
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoS, Baleful Torrent
Heavy: Soul Grinder, MoS, Baleful Torrent

1850 list - Remove the casters from the heralds to get it to 1750.

Now Straight Big Assholes

HQ: Fateweaver
HQ: LoC, Lvl 3, Greater, Exalted
HQ: Be'Lakor
Troops: Plague Bearers X 10
Troops: Daemonettes X 10
Troops: Cultists X 10
FA: Heldrake, Baleflamer
Heavy: Daemon Prince, MoT, Wings, Greater Gift, Exalted Gift, Lvl 3

I have 40 points left - heck I could get more guys somewhere.  But man - this list just looks… boring as fuck eh?  How about this.

How about this Marine list - DEATHSTAR MUTHA MUTHA

HQ: Khan, Bike
HQ: Chapter Master, Bike, Artificer Armor, Shield Eternal, Thunder Hammer
HQ: Command Squad, Grav Guns X 4, Bikes, Apoc
HQ: Rune Priest, Runic Armor, Bike
HQ: Wolf Lord, Bike, Runic Armor, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer, Fenris Wolves X 2
Troops: Scouts X 10
Troops: Scouts X 10
Heavy: Storm Raven, TWL Multi-Melta
Heavy: Storm Raven, TWL Multi-Melta

I just need to finish the command squad, scouts, etc and decide if I wanted to do better bikes.  Meh this one is small, mean and might do ok versus Tau.  The changes to reroll saves means the normal anti tau - seer and screamer are not going to be seen.

Meh there is an end of the year tournament locally.  I am an alternate for some reason.  Thought about playing this nonsense cuz I don't bring it out that often.

Orks/Crons forever! - 2000pts

HQ: Weird Boy, Warphead
HQ: Weird Boy, Warphead
HQ: Overlord, Warscythe, Mindshackle, Phase Shifter
HQ: Crypteks X 2, Voltaic Guy and Teleport guy
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Rokkits X 3
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Rokkits X 3
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Big Shootas X 3
Troops: Warriors X 5, Night Scythe
Troops: Immortals X 10, Tesla, Night Scythe
FA: Dakkajet, Supa Shoota X 3, Fighta Ace
FA: Dakkajet, Supa Shoota X 3, Fighta Ace
FA: Dakkajet, Supa Shoota X 3, Fighta Ace
Heavy: Big Guns X 3, Runtherd
Heavy: Big Guns X 3, Runtherd

It is a lot of bodies on the table top.  It might do ok - but fuck Tau are gonna kick me in the jimmy.  Still if I can make people shit their pants a bit with all these bodies my job will be done.  Plus I can make tons of pew pew sounds hahaha.

Ok some models too.

Ettin Games - woohoo!  Dice in your face!
Banner anyone?  Starts at $25.00
Con Art - Starts again at $25.00
Mor Scouts Pwease!
The most excellent Dog Be'Lakor around!

Some Special Cryx guys...


Kraggi said...

Firefly ship for friends baby room... this just blew my mind.

Now to figure out if I can get my wife round to this idea as well...

Derek said...

Would you consider a quick tutorial on how you achieved the green glow on that "Sanguinary Guard" (I think) unit in the pictures you posted? I love the look of the swords but especially the Power fist. Well done!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I will have to take some pics and build it. I keep it simple so I don't forget hahaha.

And yeah - I will have a pic of the drawing soon - need to get it done this week and off to a buddy to print. Kiddo gift for buddies of mine.

Unknown said...

Loving your minis and art! Would you mind if I share some of your work on my blig if I accredit and post links back here?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Sure - just link back to me.