Monday, August 18, 2014

Woohoo - Late Monday Post

I painted a crap ton this weekend.  Waiting on getting a new car to get a bunch of stuff for the baby - so I just spent it throwing paint on models.  I caught up and finished some commissions - so all in all a great weekend.  Woohoo.

Beyond that I have changed up some food diet stuff - had a bad doctor review that means I need to remove some things out of the diet.  It is good so far and I am feeling pretty good.  Plus my pants are fitting better - shirts seem to fit better.  And my goatee doesn't look like it is hiding all that chin sausage.  Hah.

I just ordered my bits to recreate some Space Wolf stuff.  It isn't a huge amount of models so it shouldn't take long to get them ready - plus it plays a Knight which sounds fun to me.  I just want to get that character to work - but might have to drop him down to a regular one.  Shit some of those new formations from Champs are strong as hell too for my own army designs.  It does seem to fit into - troops just don't matter that much anymore.  Now if other armies had more formations - sniff daemons please?

Let's go with the paint list real quick and then go from there.

Article - not sure what I will do - might be a kind of - is this fast rules release worth it?  Benefits, bonuses, etc.
Nurgle Imperial Knight - a buddy is borrowing the 3 for the Nova so I need to get it done by this weekend.  I start building it tonight - legs got partway done.
Test Iron Priest.  I plan on going with each "thunder wolf" style unit in Goats to be different.  So all the Iron Priests look one way - all the Wolf Guard/Wolf Lord look one way and finally the actual Thunder Wolves look this one way.   I think it will help make the games easier to play for me and my opponent.
Some art maybes?

More Flesh tearers - looking at another 10 this week

Tim V
10 More Dark Angel guys hopefully

Start building some IG infantry squads

Necrorks start back up again - looking for a unit by next post

Cyrx guys - hopefully get the rest of the undead horse people built - then painted.  Will see.

There are some other small things too - so will see if I feel like doing it.  I got to get some stuff for the babies room done.  I need to find a good local handy man to get stairs fixed (need to be resurfaced - I don't think I can do it).  I need to get my wife's car swapped out to a bigger one.  And shit - not go crazy at work right?  Work was busy today - just all day grind and getting pulled all over the place.

And wife broke her phone so meh - fixing screens sucks!  Meh... but it works better now soooo...  Blah!!!

Gonna try out another Wolf list hopefully this Thursday.  The plan is the same as what I posted - as I just love running around with Thunder Wolves.  They just fit my play style.  Hard, fast, and not giving no shits haha.

Ok - painted stuff...

This finishes off those Wyches or Witches or whatever. Some other DE stuff will come later on.

Herald of Khorne/Chaos Lord/Locus dude - conversions from all kind of bits.

A fun kit to put together actually - lots of weird Empire style - really.  Nothing to gaudy and the idea of a guy screaming at you while driving a tank - sounds awesome.


Dat's a ton of horses.

Changing reds up to PP reds - I like them a lot.

Jump around, jump around, jump up jump up and get down!

Bullets are what's for dinner.
Some arts!

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Anonymous said...

Thomas, I'm just wondering when are them Orks coming from you and what are your plans for those wacky undead models?! ;)