Thursday, August 7, 2014

Friday Post - Busy weekend with Life stuff!

First of all - sorry for the late post.  Life got busy - and I am sure it will get busier.  You will probably see less games and just painted models.  But hey - I love to paint right?

First things - lets give a shout out to someone running what sounds like will be a fun event.  I wish it was in Texas or near Texas as it just seems like a good time.  The Beef and Wing Brawl looks like what I feel events will become in the further.  Less measuring your junk and more trying to have a good time.  You get some food, you get some booze, and you get some games.   What more could you want?

So with that out of the way - lets see.  I ran the local tournament this past Sunday.  I tried a tweaked Maelstrom mission with the following set up.  6 Objectives number 1-6 and place by the players.

1. Control Objective #1 or Destroy Building/Vehicle/MC
2. Control Objective #2 or Destroy a unit via Shooting
3. Control Objective #3 or Destroy a Character
4. Control Objective #4 or issue a Challenge.
5. Control Objective #5 or have a unit in Enemies Deployment Zone
6. Control Objective #6 or Destroy a unit via Assault

Each player rolls a 2d6 and those are the two options they can score during their turn.  Max total points is 10 points.  I think some people thought tabling meant you got all of them but that was not the case.  It was a test and it worked ok.  I think some work needs to be done as sometimes things just got of hand if they were lucky on their 2d6.  Plus fast units were extremely strong.  But hey - its an idea right?

Oh Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome - saw it twice.

Man - I need to get my 3rd knight done (cuz someone is going to borrow them for Nova) so I can play something dumb like this.

Knight Formation
Errant X 2, Paladin

Space Marines
Legion of the Damned X 5, Multi-Melta, Meltagun, Combi-Melta
Legion of the Damned X 5, Multi-Melta, Meltagun, Combi-Melta
Scouts X 5
Scouts X 5, Land Speed Storm
Wall of Martyrs

Seems stupid eh?

Paint list woohoo!

Space Wolf Article
Art for friends
Probably nothing else for me.

3 Cannons - In Pieces
1 Steam Tank - In Pieces

Tim V
More Marines - Primed

More Cryx and Mercs

Chris C
Dark Elves - something like 20 or so
Then some characters

NecroOrks - need to pull them out

More IG stuff - cuz you know I love it.

Probably there is more - but I can't remember haha.

I be rolling wit my homies...


Ugh camera lost an old school  Herald of Slaanesh and Karnark etc - and of course I already shipped them.  Poops!

More knights. 10 more to go.

I get all the ladies with my glowing green ball.

My beard is cooler then your dad.
Fresh Art (just finished it now)

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