Thursday, May 21, 2015

Goatboy's Thursday Post of Postiness!

Man this last week has been rough.  I had to put my dog down on Monday after a week of trying to get her better.  Force feeding, vet visits, and worry.  My awesome wife did so much by force feeding her and we are pretty rocked by it.  You just can't let an animal suffer if they are not getting better.  Its just too much.

So no dogs for awhile.  I want my son to grow up with a doggie but we loved that River dog.  It did kill a lot of my model time so the models below are pretty light for a normal week and a half.  Still I am getting back on the wagon and knocking out some stuff.

Man it has been raining so much here I can't prime for shit.  ugh - Got my knight primed to get me out of my funk for sure.

Oh - Mad Max is friggin awesome.  If seeing that doesn't make you want to play Orks - well then you hate fun.

First - I did play the Alamo GT last weekend.  I wasn't announced as Second overall due to a point mess up but later that night they check and saw I was indeed 2nd overall.  I lost at the end to the overall winner - Ben Mohile.  This is the second event in Texas where me and Ben both took home 1st and 2nd overall.  He was playing Decurion Necrons with Praterions and Canoptek Harvest.  Rough stuff and I goofed up some movement that probably cost me the game.  Still my mind wasn't awesome and I was more so winning off the roughness of my list on some armies.

If I played it again I would drop the Culexus and instead go with better HQ's ala Runic Armor etc.  I still think adding casting might be better just because randomly having Shrouding, Invisibility, Psychic Shriek, etc might be good.

Maybe this would be good as a DA/SW list

HQ: Libbie, Bike, Lvl 2, Force Axe, Meltabomb
HQ: Libbie, Bike. Lvl 2, Force Axe, Meltabomb
HQ: Ravenwing Command Squad X 5, Apoc, Rad Grenade, Ravenwing Banner
HQ: Ravenwing Command Squad X 5, Apoc, Rad Grenade
Troops: Scouts X 5
Troops: Scouts X 5

HQ: WGBL, Thunder Wolf, PF, SS, Runic
HQ: WGBL, Thunder Wolf, PF, SS, Runic
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4

But man the reroll to hits from the Chaplain in the first round of combat helped so much.  Might just be better with Chaplains.  Still the list worked and was rough for a lot of armies.  And you had enough punch to remove Necron stuff.  It was hard still but it could be done.

The new Knight has me thinking of finding ways to add one into lists.  I am thinking the gun one might be a good stand back unit.  Heck even the Objective Secured group might be good.  I really have to see what Marines end up being before I can really decide.  Still... blargh.

And of course I am fighting the urge to make a super Killa Ork army that will lose like a boss.

Ork Horde Detachment/Ghaz Detachment/Mogrok's Boss Boyz

Ork Horde
HQ: Warboss, Bike, Power Klaw, Lucky Stix
HQ: Zsnardsak
HQ: Painboy, Bike
Troops: Grots X 10
Troops: Grots X 10
Troops: Grots X 10
FA: Deff Koptas X 5, Rokkits X 5

Ghaz Detachment
HQ: Big Mek, Bike, Buzzsaw, Mega Force Field
HQ: Warboss, Bike, Power Klaw, Big Boss Pole
Elites: Tank Bustas X 10, Bomb Squiggs X 2
Elites: Tank Bustas X 10, Bomb Squiggs X 2
Troops: Grots X 10
Troops: Grots X 10
Heavy: FW Gun Wagon X 2

Mogrok's Boss Boyz
HQ: Warboss, Bike, PK
HQ: Big Mek, Bike, Kill Saw, Finkin Cap
HQ: Big Mek, Bike, Kill Saw
HQ: Big Mek, Bike, Kill Saw
HQ: Weirdboy, Warphead

This looks nutty - you have a super huge squad of
3 Regular Warbosses with PK
1 Super Strong ini striking Warboss
4 Big Meks with PK like things
5 Deff Koptas that give extra stuff and shoot ok
1 FNP jerk hole

It could work and would probably be fun to build/paint/etc.

Alright onto work stuff.

Let's look at a paint list

Knight # 2
Long War Art - One drawn, need to do 2 more
Frontline Art - Drawn
Banner/Art - Drawn
Team America Art - Idea down need to draw
Bols Article
Mow my Lawn heh.

Luis P
Biker Command Squad - need to build 3 more
Drop Pod #2, 3 - Need to build
Storm Raven Fix/Rebuild

Nick C
Tyranids - Gonna do Hive Tyrants first - got one already done have 4 more to do.

FW Terminator Lord guy for Khorne
10 Termies with FW tops
Big Tank thingie

Will W
Big Tank thingie - cleaned need to build

Don S
Warmachine models - want to build a few this weekend I hope on Memorial day


These 6 are done - gonna do a herald real quick based off that Fantasy Nurgle Lord.

Woot yay magnets - went with a blue green look - other Knights will have more red in them to stand them apart.

Arms are swap able with both sides - with only the fist having to be on his right.

My Favorite Knight - the come get some knight.  Plus look - the base isn't lava hah.

Sorry for the lack of picture updates.  Look for art and more models next time as I get back on this hobby horse.


Ross said...

Sorry to hear about your dog brother, it always sucks to lose a pet; they just become one of the family.

On a happier note, the knight looks so badass!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Thanks - yeah it is just rough. Older Cat passed away a year ago too so... ugh. But my really old man cat is still a big ole pain in my ass.

Hopefully I can knock out the other knights pretty quickly - just need to get more magnets.

Unknown said...

Man... sorry about the dog. 9-(

Unknown said...

What's with the apology?
If I could crank out in a year what you do in a week, I'd be stoked!

From an art appreciation POV, interested to see how you express your grief in your painting.
Kidding aside, having something to immerse yourself in can be helpful.
Just make sure that you put the dog's name on one of your models.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Thanks for the comments.

Was a long week hopefully I can have a huge post of bids, some daemon stuff, and a lot of art. I got a ton on queue for this weekend besides cleaning the front lawn haha.