Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Goatboy's Thursday Thoughts

Man this rain in Austin sucked this last week.  I was lucky and had a commission that had built and primed models.  Hooray so I didn't waste the week away.  Plus I got a ton of art done.  Woohoo.

Right now I am trying to decide what to play for Wargames Con in June.  I can always play the list I have played the last few events - DA/SW - but with a rumored new DA coming out it might not be viable.  Shit who am I kidding I will probably save points on the new list and do just fine haha.  Just means more SW stuff or maybe decent relics.  I am guessing my Librarians will lose fearless soooo... Will see.

Oh I get the boy by myself this weekend too.  Woohoo gonna be a long one I bet.

Paint list - then Army thoughts

Knight #2
Bols Article
Long War Art
Other Art

Drop Pods at least built
Biker command squad - waiting on what Marines will do so I can know what weapons to put on it.
Storm Raven rebuild - need to find Multi Melta bits

Cryx - need to build some this weekend

Nick C
Tyrant #4
Tyrant #5
Big Monster thingie
Void Shield

10 FW Khorne Termies - build
1 Spartan Tank

1 Spartan Tank

The rain hampered a lot of my work this past week.  Hopefully watching the kiddo myself will have me not sleeping at night and just working as he naps.  Will see.  I don't sleep well during the day so I might get loopy.

Ok Army Lists for Wargames Con.

First of all - If I can get 3 New Knights built I kinda want to play that.

Initial Thoughts

Knights CAD + SW Champs Detachment + DA Ally

Knight Gallant
Knight Gallant
Knight Gallant

DA Ally
HQ: Chaplain, Bike, Melta Bomb
HQ: Ravenwing Command Squad X 5, Apoc, Grenade
Troops: Scouts X 5

HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Thunder Wolf, Runic, SS, PF
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 3
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 3

1850 on the Nose

I get a single Death Star that is fast - 3 Knights to go do dirty work and I end up making the Knights Objective Secured with one random Scout Squad as that as well.  It looks decent on paper an I just need to finish 2 Knights.  It will look halfway Evil but eff it I have a newish baby that is too cute to paint them all good guys.

I could do Ad Mech too - go with the same 3 Gallants as Objective Secured and go with the new Grav Troops in SW drop pods.  That seems decent enough but doesn't sound too exciting.  Still it will Stomp some people.

Knights CAD + SW Champs Detachment + DA Ally

Knight Gallant
Knight Gallant
Knight Gallant

Ad mech Detachment thingie
Leader Dude, Random Extra stuff to make him live longer maybe?
Kataphron Destroyers X 3, Grav
Kataphron Destroyers X 3, Grav
Kataphron Destroyers X 3, Grav

SW Champs
Rune Priest, Lvl 2
Rune Priest, Lvl 2
Iron Priest
Drop Pod
Drop Pod
Drop Pod

It looks like this one has points left over - so who knows.  Still it seems alright.  I ended up getting the leader guys and two boxes of Kataphron Destroyers.  I bought them originally to do some Ork Big Mek on Bikes/tracks conversions.  I still want to do that as it just sounds awesome.  Here is the dumb Ork list I had in mind.

Ghaz Detachment + Mogrok's BossBoyz

Ghaz Detachment
HQ: Big Mek, Bike, Kill Saw, Big KFF, Big Boss Pole
HQ: Painboy, Bike
Elite: Burnas X 5, 3 Mek Upgrades
Troops: Gretchin X 10
Troops: Gretchin X 10
FA: Deff Koptas X 5, Rokkits X 5
LoW: Stompa, Grot Riggas

Mogrok's Boss Boyz
HQ: Big Mek, Bike, Da Finkin Cap, Killsaw
HQ: Warboss, Bike, PK, Lucky Stik, Boss Pole
HQ: Big Mek, Bike, Killsaw
HQ: Big Mek, Bike, Killsaw
HQ: Weird Boy, Warphead

This is dumb - but easy enough to build and put together.  Plus it would force me to paint my Stompa finally.  Plus the conversion idea I have would look so sweet.

It is just really hard to get working with new books that I sorta play coming out.  Shit this Daemonkin book might be worth it too.  Some people have some cool builds with it - but shit it is too many Thirsters to really make me want to do it in time.  I am feeling the Knights for sure - just hope I can get them done, magnetized and ready to go.  2 more left to do and I at least have an army that is ready to go.

Alright enough of that - lets get onto some Art and minis.

A nice title image for the bids above.

Logo/Banner for Mechanical Warhorse

The Long War character art

The Long War Character art

Frontline Art


Unknown said...

Curious. How did you do the Lictor conversions? Or better put what were some of the bits you used? I am in the middle of converting a Malanthrope and the Lictors would be an awesome addition.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

They are the old ones actually. Metal models of doom haha.