Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I hate being sick

Cuz if I get sick, I get really really sick. And I am at work. Awesome!!! Tonight I am going to bed early as hell. Blargh... But enough of my whining, post for today is my Chaos list I will be using at tournaments and thoughts on changes etc and other options I can use for future games.

First, why I am playing Chaos for tournaments instead of my big bug list? Well big bugs is kinda boring. And not really the most fair if the games are not the most competitive. Hard Tournaments at BFG will be Big Bugs and then most other tournaments will be Chaos and Orks when I get them finished up. Hell if Orks are kickin ass I might just use them most of the time.

Onto the Chaos List

Demon Prince, Mark of Slaneesh, Wings, Lash of Submission
PTS: 155 X 2

Chosen (8), Mark of Khorne, Meltagun (2), Power Fist (3), Asp Champ
PTS: 279 X 2
Elites TOTAL: 558

Noise Marines (9), Sonic Blasters (7), Master Blaster, Asp Champ, Twin Lit Claws
PTS: 295 X 2
Troops TOTAL: 590

Havoks (8), Lascannons (4), Icon Chaos Undivided
PTS: 270 X 2
Heavy TOTAL: 540

Army TOTAL: 1998

My own thoughts on it. Everything scores in this list. That helps since I have two HQ that are annoying to deal with and can cause lots of issues if within range etc. I have found, the only way to make sure Lash is effective is to have 2. That way you can guarantee that you are dragging someone +10 inches most of the time. The two chosen squads are used as a way to assault particularly annoying units after they have been dragged out (ie Dakka Fexes). The Noise marines just put out an insane amount of fire and can help deal with horde armies that are most likely coming (hooray orks). Of course 2 squads of Lascannons to take out vehicles, put a hurt on Fexes, and just to put a hurt on any other type of Monstrous Creature.

I uped the amount of guys per squad, due to wanting to lessen the chance to get hurt by randomly losing armor save rolls. And it makes it easier to keep them scoring. I am not so sure about the chosen. In a lot of ways I am wondering if they are throw away units and I would end up doing better with either another lascannon squad and a raptor squad instead of them? But the threat of 13 power fist attacks hitting whatever unit takes it, is pretty gross.

What do you think?


Aventine said...

I don't know about this for the BFG Hobby Tournaments. I personally wouldn't score it bad, but I can see alot of people being put off by the duel lash in what is supposed to be a 'friendly-ish' tourney.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Oh I meant this would be for other armies, not really for the hobby list. You would end up seeing an all Slaneesh army, one Demon Prince and more tanks in all their pink glory. This is just a list to try and test out as a hard list, not a hobby list. But yeah mixing the Khorne aspects with duel lash is kinda enh, even though the codex allows that and there isn't any reason not to mix Chaos up etc.