Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I think final ork list to test out

Here is what I plan on playing in the coming weeks, as I get all these damned orks glued together. If you saw the others, it is based off of that with tweaks and having certain guys etc. Once I create some Battlewagons, there might be some changes to the list. But hell here is the thought on it.

Weird Boy Brothas from Different Mothas

Weirdboy, Warphead
Pts: 90 x 2

Lootas (15)
Pts: 225 x 2
Tankbustas (15), Nob, Power Klaw, Bomb Squigs (2)
Pts: 260

Slugga Squad (30), Big Shoota (3), Nob, Power Klaw
Pts: 230
Shoota Squad (30), Big Shoota (3), Nob, Power Klaw
Pts: 230
Trukk Boyz (12), Rokkit Launcha, Nob, Power Klaw, Boss Pole, Trukk, Red Paint
Pts: 162 X 4

Scoring Units: 9

Weird Boyz are attached to the two big boyz squads. That way if I get an extra Waagh first turn it can do well, or +1 Attack, or a super big zap gun, either way it should be fun.

Lootas seem good, and according to math, should be good, but the main issue is that they will be a huge target. I am thinking the two huge 30 man squads coming at you, should take away some shoots that would be hitting the Loota squads. The Trukk boyz will be moving along the flanks and hopefully will get to some assault action. Will see.

I don't think Tankbustas suck, they should be pretty spicy. The main issue is with Eldar and the fact you will always be shooting a vehicle even though shooting guys would probably be better. But hell you just have to do it. You need something to hopefully kill a Dakka bug a turn.

The big issue I see with Orks is that their Elites section is way too thick. You have too many units you want to test out, but can't really fit into the army since you are limited too 3 choices. Sure you can get nobz as a troops if you get a Warboss, but I personally think Warbosses are the weakest of the HQ choices. He doesn't suck at all, but when you compare it to the big mek or Weird boy, he just doesn't have the power level. I think Lootas and Tankbustas should be been moved to heavy, flash gitz should have been in elites and depending on your HQ choice, more options should have opened up to get different specialized units as troops. Like Big Meks could take a burna squad as a troops or a loota squad etc. But hell, that didn't happen so I need to quit bitching and just test out this damned army.

I almost have enough boyz and really the only thing I need to do is convert a lot of lootas. I have enough rokkit launchas and big shootas for the army, and I have the two weird boyz models (hooray extra x-mas/freelance art/sexy bootie money). Pics will be coming soon with updates on the army and different thoughts etc.

Tomorrow I will discuss my tournament Lash list and how I think it might fare.

Thomas aka Goatboy saying WAAGH!!!

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Psyberwolfe said...

I think you are right about the elite choices being a little thick. On the other hand I think the thickness of the elites lend themselves well to flavoring your ork army to match play style and clan.

As for the Warboss I am really impressed how they wipe out all before them. I learned in my battle that a Warboss not in h2h is an underutilized Warboss.

The Warphead has two huge weaknesses: 2 wounds and a 6+ save. Nidzilla could smoke at least one of those units a turn, so you might want to look at upgrading one of your foot squads to 'ard Boyz.