Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Orky game I played vs. Eldar

So I played Adam at BFG on Sunday later afternoon. I would have played the Ninja Pirate game, but I had plans for lunch and I did play a tournament on my birthday the last week. So no more tournaments for the month most likely, as I have things to do on Sundays from time to time. I am hoping I can switch some work days for the next BFG tournament, or just take the day off. Will see. It is a hobby tournament, so Chaos will be the army of choice due to the orks not being painted. Too many of those jerks.

But anyway, onto the game.

Adam's Eldar had a farseer, with guide, doom etc. An Auratch dude. Squad of Fire Dragons in a Wave Serpent, 3 other Falcons, 2 Wave Serpents with Dire Avengers. Oh and a squad of Harlies. So lots of flying thingies... which means my Tank Bustas are always going to be shooting at something, and probably not doing anything. Yay!!!

Ok, Adam set up towards one side and I set up on that side and the squad of Harliequins on the edge of some cover, with two squads of Lootas in cover, tank busters towards the back and trucks hidden behind terrain. I got the first roll, and well... did jerky things to his vehicles since they didn't move first turn. I blew up one wave Serpent with the Farseer and a dire Avengers squad. 2 died falling out. I then also got 2 falcons to not being able to shoot. So I did a lot of damage that first turn. Guys moved up I dropped off 2 trukk boyz in front of the Harlies, hoping to get them to assault me, and then swarm them with the second squad after a Waagh. Fun times indeed.

Adam went next, moved all his vehicles away from my jerky Tank bustas, and then tried to fleet out and assault my trukk boyz. Rollin a 1 when you need a 3 for fleet is bad mojo. So his Harlies, fleeted back an inch. His Fire Dragons and Wave Serpent shot the hell out of a trukk boyz squad, but somehow they made their leadership test. Hooray 6!!! That was about it for his shooting, and it was onto my turn.

I called a waagh, assaulted with one full trukk boyz squad into the Harlies, shoot up the dire avengers that were entangled (He made all but one 4+ cover save due to my AP 4 lootas), stunned some other vehicles, my Tank Bustas teleported due to the Weirdboyz power roll. I rolled a total of 6 again with 3 dice. FU farseerer!!! They teleported in front of some Wave Serpents and blew up those bastards again. Hah. Combat, dead harlies, then I consolidated into some Fire Dragons. Woot. My Big Shoota trukks sucked it up over there, and the two other boys moved out seeing as they were not as much of a threat as the 2 large 30 man squads that were moving up the field. Woot. Warboss snuck up and around towards the farseer. Oh lootas shot up more of the dire avengers in the wrecked wave serpent and I killed more.

His turned, he moved around, and dire avengers unloaded on my shoota boyz, all but 5 were left, and again I rolled a 6 for Leadership. Hooray!!! 3 big shoots, a dude, and my pk Nob. I am comin to get you bastards!!! My sluggas were also shot up by the other dire avengers too, and got them down to 13 or so. I don't really count, but enough left to be fearless. Again his falcons moved around, One could shoot, and it did kinda crappy.

The rest of the turns were kinda lame, as I basically shot at more vehicles, took down 1 falcon and killed the rest of the dudes with shooting and some assault.

Now Adam hasn't played his Eldar really at all, and he wants to test them out to find out what style he likes to play. Of course in the new 5th Edition, things will change, but hell assault is going to get a nice kick in the pants and really get better for once. Which might mean that wave serpent rushes might be better. Hell Scorpions might be good too. Same with Banshees. Will see. I think Eldar get hurt pretty bad, and orks just get stronger.

The biggest thing I see with Orks, is that you just don't care how much you lose, you always have more shmos to send to their deaths. It is a Horde Army with some really good shooting. If you hit hehe. And it Assaults well. Not sure about Stormboyz yet. They sound good, but I don't know if they are more effective than lets say a squad of Lootas. I have found Lootas to be pretty damn good. You wound a lot, and hell you can always fail armor saves hehe. As it has been shown with Big Bugs, AP ShmayP.

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