Thursday, June 18, 2009

Woot - This weekend is going to be a dry one

I am going to Arkansas this weekend for a fiance family thing. So this weekend will be a lackluster paint weekend. I did put together a full squad of burnas and a full squad of lootas to paint up the next following week. I was hoping to get a BW put together, but it is looking less likely as work has been insane these last few days. No idea why Texas has decided to throw a fit and call us all the time. Oh well, I am off tomorrow so I don't care right now hahaha. If I can survive these next 3 hours I can be golden.

Beyond those orks, I am trying to put together my counts as Kharn and possessed for my bile army. The plan is to run that for the BOLScon so will see how it rolls. If you are planning on going, sign up now. I will be the drunken guest as the weekend of it is the weekend before my wedding. Woot, so yell at me and watch me stumble around. Thank goodness for plastic models.

I did paint something last night, so check out the Arbites BattleWagon/Suppression Truck - I have a Valk next up so that should be fun too.

Look for a bunch more next week.


Gothmog said...

Very nice conversion. You should put some tutorials up on some of these conversions you do.
I also like the Black Templar picture at the top.
Good luck with your wedding.
Is the groom's cake going to be 40k related?

Faultie said...

Requirements for de-orkifying a vehicle:
Green stuff
Grey stuff
Hobby Knife
More Plasticard
Ruler & Pencil
Finger cuts
Varied bits
More Cursing

It wasn't really that hard, it just took a lot of time and patience to sand, cut, and snip off all the Ork iconography. Then it's a simple matter of sending it to Goatboy so that you don't have to worry about it anymore.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Hahahah, exactly :). I just paint damnit :). I can convert, but Andrew did a bad ass job and it has a nice, fixed road warrior feel that I like. Now if I can get my Battle Wagons started (I have 4 of my own and 2 from a commission to finish up).