Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh my Gawds I painted stuff

Lots and lots of stuff - currently on the week block of stuff to do -

LR Punisher
Valk 1 & 2
5 Grey Knights
Put together 15 Kommandos

Finished so far
Vliitich Model/Paint
Devil Dog
LR Repaint
Ironclad Dread
Adding Kannon on FW warboss

Fun times eh? Will see if I finish the lot of stuff. Beyond that doing some planning for painting site update, with links to fully painted armies built and designed by us. I am hoping to find a way to get a nice case with it all, plus dice to make a complete package for someone to buy and go play with. That is the thoughts anyway haha. Will see. 1750-2000 point armies, depending on the order etc. Anyone else's thoughts on this?

Pics of models painted - army lists on Friday.


Real G said...

I like the idea of a turn-key army. Get a nice list, paint it all up and include a Battlefoam co-branded case and I'm sure you'd have some customers.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Yeah that is what I am thinking - with me building a list, you know it is going to be a nice hard list etc. So will see. That is the thought right now. Next, increase my painting crew and then look at ways to expand.

Randroid said...
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Randroid said...

Actually read your post instead of looking at the pictures ... :/

That Vilitch the Curseling model looks cool. Is that a standard AHW Warrior for the base? What is that GS on top (I can see some Spawn claws).

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Corpse Cart guy - then the body of a tyranid biovore spore mine, warrior base, skull from the VC skeleton warriors. Green stuff for the cloak and there you go. :)