Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sorry I have been absent

I have been busy with the hell of March. I had a comic book convention locally where I sold prints and other things of my art, I have Lone Wolf GT next week for Fantasy (not my most favorite game), and then the big daddy Adepticon the following week. So Goatboy has been busy. Lucky for me, I got my stuff pretty much knocked out and the IG army for a local client finished already. I just have a few ork things to do for a local client, who will borrow some of my ork stuff too. So all in all Goatboy has been busy.

So lets go with some miniatures to showcase first and then my Lone Wolf List I plan on throwing down and hopefully doing alright with. Most likely not, but hell we can always dream.

This is my Cryx stuff. I have a set of Bane Thralls to do, the Bane Thrall Special Solo, Brute Thralls, and a Seether jack. Once these are done I will be pretty much ready to go with my Cryx. There are some new things I want, but those can wait. I might also dip my feet in Khador as I have been painting them for clients and really like the model look. Damn you model crack!

Here is the first Khador for a new client. I have a 2 Dracos to do as well as 3 more Jacks. These should all be done after Adepticon. I have the two characters built so I plan on doing those this week.

Now we go into the Warhammer Fantasy Chaoslord on a Chariot I plan on taking. I know I will play an Empire or Dwarf army that will just be ready to throw a Strength 7 piece of flaming death at him. He is MoT so maybe he will survive (so is the Chariot). Either way he should be fun if he hits someone. He is built out of the Chosen Command Squad, corpse cart, and a Juggernaut of Khorne.

Now we have some Nid stuff I finished up. The client understands I am going to be busy this month, so look for a larger push after March finished punching me in the Jimmy. They are a grungie style list that will look like they all have come from the mud of an invasion.

Finally I wanted to show my Ghetto backs I use for my Space Goats. First of all, if there is every any question of an inch or two off from where they would normally be on a Razorback, I won't be able to fire them etc. I just wanted to do it this way so I had a ton of options I can play with, as well as give a kinda, orkified Space Goat army look that fits the beastmen look of my army. I have made Heavy Bolter top, TWL Lascannon top, TWL Assault Cannon top, as well as a regular Storm Bolter set up to let it be a rhino.

So there you have it a bunch of stuff. Here is my Lone Wolf list I plan on throwing down with. It is called Chariots a GO GO!

Lord: Chaoslord - MoT, Hellfire Sword, Collar of Khorne (The Juggernaut wears it), Chariot of Tzeentch
Hero: Chaos Sorcerer - MoT, Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Spell Familiar, Conjoined Homonculus, Chariot of Tzeentch
Hero: Chaos Sorcerer - MoT, Level 2, Infernal Puppet, Third Eye of Tzeentch, Chariot of Tzeentch
Hero: Exalted Champion - MoK, Juggernaut of Khorne, Axe of Khorne, BSB, Soporific Musk
Core: 5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails
Core: 5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails
Core: 5 Marauder Horsemen, Shield, Spears
Core: 5 Chaos Warhounds
Core: 5 Chaos Warhounds
Special: 8 Chaos Knights, MoK, Standard Bearer, War Banner
Rare: Hellcannon

It is a mish mash list with lots of Chariots. I just wanted to play for fun and try out some Sorcerers on Chariots as a way to help out with some combats if they hit the flanks. Plus roaming Sorcerers can help by throwing some small spells out. Will see if I can get in some fun games versus less Magic heavy lists. If only I could take the Ring of Hotek hah.

Next week I will post my final Space Goats lists I plan on taking for each tournament at Adepticon. Fun stuff eh?


TheKing Elessar said...

If for no other reason, my literary taste would have forced me to acknowledge the 'hell of March'...pure class there. Apart from that, usual quality stuff there Goatboy. (As in, it's quality as usual...not 'usual quality')

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Hahah thanks - March is always nutz haha.