Thursday, November 25, 2010

Goatboy - Thanksgiving Post

Welp I am working today - need to get some extra cash to help out as my wife is out of work for a bit and with only 2 more payments on a car - I want to make things as easy as they can be for Xmas etc. So I work :). Of course working today meant that I got a lot of time to work on minis as it was extremely slow. High end user support on a holiday means really no user calls. So I decided today is a good day to catch up on some stuff. So without further ado lets look at the list of nonsense I did today.

Tweak Banner for Green Blow Fly
5 Wolf Scouts for World Eaters Army
1 Wolf Guard for World Eaters Army
1 Rhino/Razorback for the Grey Hunters I did the other day (pics below!!)
2 Khador Mechanics for BigRed
1 Dark Eldar Wych test for a local guy - I am the one you go to if you need an army done quickly :)
2 Goat Guard that needed tweaking (pfists painted and armor tweaks)
BOLS Monday post

This was all done from 11 - 6:30pm central - I had to stop cuz my hand was hurting. So fun times for the Goatboy today. All in all a good time and I should be able to use Friday to catch up on some building and get ready for the next week. The wife is going out of town with her Bro to help her Mom clean up the old house. So that leaves poor Goatboy alone and left to his own devices. This normally means I paint a lot due to not being able to sleep as much. I know sad eh?

So these is my next few days - plan etc. Or so I hope.

2 Dark Eldar Reavers - These are mine - want to finish them up. Got the first test done so hopefully I can get these two done.
10 CSM - This is an old client and I am going to start up on them to get them knocked out. Should be fun as they are Black Legion
1 ChaosLord on Jugger - Same guy as above, should be a fun one.
9 Grey Hunters w/Melta and goodies - World Bearers and just like the squad below.
1 Wolf Guard for Grey Hunters - Ditto above
1 Rhino/Razorback for Grey Hunters - Copy/Paste
10 Gargoyles - Snow Nids! - After this just 20 Hormagaunts and this update is done!

So that is what I want to finish by next Friday. I will use this Friday to build. I might also get another art commission so that will be thrown into the mix here. I will probably spend parts of my Saturdays doing art. I just need to get back into it too as I feel I am missing something in my creation part of life. So again if you want art - $25.00 bucks gets you something neat :).

Alright some minis that I took pics of. More to come at the Fullofmonkey post tomorrow so look there. This is just what I got painted on Tuesday as I had Wednesday off to throw some dice. Played the new Space Goats biker army. I think it is my "goto" army of choice right now as it does all the things I want it to do. Not sure on the scouts just yet, but will see. Might be worthwile to get another Grey Hunter/Razorback squad in there instead.

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