Sunday, November 7, 2010

Goatboy's Paint list before the Boyz

I got lots of stuff to paint as usual - so I am going to write up what I want to get done this week - I start on Friday as that is the day I post on Full of Monkey all the models I painted the week before etc. So this past Friday I did do a bit of paint work. Woot.

So lets start the list - with what I have already finished at the top.

Khador Pikemen Command Squad - 2 Models - COMPLETED!!!
Khador Pikemen blister - 2 Models - COMPLETED!!!
Troll for Mordhiem - COMPLETED!!!
Mordhiem WitchHunter Gang - COMPLETED!!!
Rune Priest for World Eaters - COMPLETED!!!
Winged Hive Tyrant - Built & Primed
Kharn on Jugger Design for World Eaters - Built & Primed
4 Horrors - Built & Primed
Dragon - Built & Primed
6 Pikemen - In a box
9 Grey Hunters for World Eaters - In a Box
4 Wolf Guard for World Eaters - In a Box
1 Rhino for World Eaters - In a Box

That would be great if I finished all of that before I went to the Boyz. That is my plan. I also want to draw up a new Space Goat to put on the front of my army lists for people as well as some info on Commissions etc if anyone is interested. Fun times indeed.

There was a 40k Tournament this past weekend I went with Fabius Bile in hopes to go 0-2 and go home early to hit a party. I went 3-0 and got 2nd overall so I didn't go to the party and got home late and helped my Brother in Law as he was stuck at home with a bum car. I shaved his hair into a mohawk as he wanted something different. I used to shave my own head in a mohawk for awhile and just stuck with having a business Fauhawk now. Cuz I am serious internet business!

Fabius bile list for those interested

HQ: Fabius Bile
HQ: Chaos Lord, Daemonic Weapon
Elites: Possessed X 8, Mark of Tzeentch, Asp Champ, Rhino
Troops: CSM X 10, Bile Upgrade, Mark of Khorne, Meltagun X 2, Asp Champ, Powerfist, Rhino
Troops: CSM X 10, Bile Upgrade, Mark of Nurgle, Meltagun X 2, Asp Champ, Powerfist, Rhino
Troops: CSM X 10, Bile Upgrade, Mark of Slaanesh, Flamer X 2, Asp Champ, Power Weapon, Rhino
Troops: Summoned Daemons X 5
Troops: Summoned Daemons X 5
Heavy: Obliterators X 3

1850 or so pts. I think it was less but I don't remember. Either way, simple basic CSM list. Not strong but not a complete push over as the Bile marines can be a pain. A lack of long ranged fire power is telling. I do wish my Chaos Lord was Kharn though. I think if you want to play this, throw Kharn in as he just works a ton better then the regular Chaos Lord as I will show. Plus I can say I always hit something with Kharn :).

Game 1 - Versus Bulley Mike - Eldar - The flying red army. Sam Haim I think I don't remember nor want to Google. Cuz if you Google it more then once you are playing with it. 4 3 man Jet Bike squads. 1 Seer Council. Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpant. 2 Fire Prisms, 1 Falcon with Fire Dragons and 3 Vypers.

Yay Eldar. One of my hated armies as I have had some lovely luck playing them. Anyway I moved forward and got into range and killed some things. I got lucky with the seer council as I assaulted them and was able to break them the second turn with some luck on my side. From there I just ran around doing my business. I rolled FNP for the Possessed and roll a 3 on the Bile guys so all was normal. I ended up winning this one in the end. 21 to 1. It was modified kill points with some bonus objectives. I killed the Vypers, Fire Dragon, Seer Council, 1 Jet bike squad, Dire Avengers, Falcon, and a Fire Prism. He got the Chaos Lord and a rhino and one Daemon squad.

Game 2 - Versus Matt with Foot Eldar - 2 Squads of Guardians, 1 Wraith Guard, Avatar, Eldrad, 2 Wraith Lords, Dire Avengers, Warp spiders, and a squad of Banshees. I rolled Power weapons on the possessed and got a 6 for my Bile Guys - awesome!

I thought I was going to lose this game but Matt misplaced his guardians and I was able to multi Assault his Wraith Guard and a guardian squad. It allowed me to get the business started and I slowed chewed them up. I ended up getting Eldrad and an Avatar slowed down by possessed as the rest of my army just chewed through all the bits and pieces. I really think that one set up is what cost him the game. It was a 5 objective game and he placed a Guardian squad off to the side and away from an objective. The lack of mobility meant that unit was useless as I just got there and did the business with a Mark of Slaanesh group. If my guys hadn't started exploding it would have been easier as I could stretch out and get more objectives. He had an Avatar and Eldrad left to my full squad of Obliterators, Bile, 3 MoS bile marines and 1 squad of daemons and rhinos. Oh my Chaos Lord rolled two 1's in a row and ate it to Eldrad. Eldrad didn't take a single wound like a jerk. Me hates no Psychic Hood. The game had a 3 bonus points if you had a chosen HQ stay alive and the opponents chosen HQ was dead. Didn't get that as Eldrad was a meanie and Bile was a wuss and hide in a Rhino.

Game 3 - Final game versus Chris C with CSM Thousand Sons sort of flavor with Abbadon. 1 Thousand Son squad, 1 Possessed Squad, 1 MoT ML CSM squad, 1 MoT 2 Meltagun CSM squad, 2 Oblits, 1 LR, and a Sorceror Lord of Tzeentch

I rolled a 1 for my Bile marines and Fleet for the Possessed. I am on fire! It was a Dawn of war game with Kill points. This game I basically played like a control freak and just didn't let Abbaddon get into combat. He came out one side and I came out the other. He had to move a bunch and when I was able to get into 12 inch range with Oblits I immoblized his LR. From there he misplayed and didn't just throw the Don in my face. He tried to keep him with the Thousand sons. He should have just thrown him forward and had me just throw Possessed at him to keep him busy. That would have made the game better for him instead of sticking him with a squad of A Thousand Sons. He also had some terrible dice rolling as I killed his two Oblits with bolters and one meltagun. I got 6 kill points to his 4 in this game and I took the win.

So I got 2 and ended up getting a Box of Incubi and a Raider out of it. Woohoo more Dark Eldar to go with the one box of Reavers I bought and the Box of Wyches, Archon, and Warrior Squad I got from Spikey Bits. The army will probably get done sometime in Jan as I get other projects finished.

Speaking of Projects here are some minis.


Bushido Red Panda said...

+1 Soul Grinder :)

Loquacious said...

I think I need to put my list of things up.. just as comparison. Cause I didn't realize how muhc I had going on until I started reading your lists.

Never done a mohawk, however did the old "big bangs" and nothing else. Now I'm married and TheDude likes long hair =/

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Yes it is sitting in a box. I know to do it - just have to see if I can get the bastard together. They are easy though thank goodness to build.

And yeah - I just like short hair haha. i think it is because it isn't hot. And on girls I like it cuz it doesn't get flung in my face when I sleep hah. I had an ex wife with dreadlocks and I would get pelted by tentacles of doom sometimes at night as she turned over in her sleep.

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Kirby comic picture is rawkin it bro .