Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Goatboy's 40k - Week Update

Been sick most of this week. Feeling like ass from Allergies, Cold, and probably Mr. Black's voodoo doll. Either way it makes me feel crappy. But someone it is good for productivity because if I can do something that keeps my mind off feeling like ass - I will do it.

So out of the initial list - this is what I have done plus add ons. WOOHOO!!!

Word Bearers - Razorback 3 - TWL Lascannon - DONE!
Word Bearers - 5 Regular smucks for the Scoring, sit back razorback - DONE!
Word Bearers - Attack Horse/Bike - DONE!
Word Bearers - Terminator Guy with Cyclone/Havok Launcher - DONE!
Word Bearers - Wolf Priest Walking Dude Man! - DONE!
Word Bearers - Long Fangs - BUILT SUCKAS!
Necromunda - 8 Goliath Guys - DONE!
Dark Eldar - Venom - Like Crusader Class guys - DONE!
Chaos Predator - Done in a Russian Tank style - DONE!
Chaos Rhino - DONE!
Khador Devastator Jack 1 - DONE!
Khador Devastator Jack 2 - BUILT DAWGS!!!

There might be a few more things added to the list like more Necromunda stuff as I got another batch in. I think the Spanish guy is trying to kill me with Necromunda minis! Either way I will paint the whole damned line damnit!

This Thursday I plan on playing a game versus the Crazy Red Praetorium. I plan on bringing Daemons but might switch to a weird Logan list I will be building on for a previous client. Remember those World Eaters - he wants more and will be doing a Angron/Logan with dual chain axes and other nonsense. Will see if it works out right. It should look neat no matter what :). I think next week I am going to break out my Cryx and play some Warmachine too. I need to finish one model to get them all ready and will have that army on the table top. I will also be painting some more Khador stuff too as usual.

Some of those models I painted below!

What stuff are you guys working on?


Real G said...

Working on my man Huron for the Badab campaign, which may or may not happen.

Real G said...

Working on my man Huron, for the Badab campaign which may or may not happen.

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

A vendetta, some skyclaws, some wolfguard termies, and waiting for a banewolf. how many pointsare we playing?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

1850 and my Goat brain has decided on Daemons. So bring whatever you want as long as it is painted :).

Grizzly Adams said...

just finished my 2000pt BA tournie list, and got bored with nothin to work on, so now i am startin a Salamanders army, just waitin on shoulderpads/storm shields/tac marines to get here.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

As soon as I buy it, I'll be working on Warwitch Deneghra, and possibly some of her friends.

Dan (nyhil) said...

Rats, Rats and more Rats. Also, I am starting to dremmel the drivers out of 9 deffkoptas, to be replaced with goggled Rats.

Word bearers look good! I like the flagellant books you stuck on the front of your tanks. I do have a soft spot for models bearing scross, books, etc.

Edward said...

Hello Goat! Im kinda new to the 40k, amd working on a BA army and I've seen you have some experience.

Could you recomend me something on how to deal with hordes? Im having a hard time against 30 boyz ork mobs with Power Klaw Nob. I cant seem to get to the Nob before it punishes me hard on the assault.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

A death company assault should kill the squad pretty easily :). So do blood taloned dreadnoughts. The new Storm Raven will mean normally you can come on from reserves - move 12 and then the dread can fleet if it is a death company one and pretty much pick up that entire squad of boyz. I have done 20+ wounds with one before.

Shoot me an email with your list and I would be more then happy to figure some things out for ya too.