Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Goatboy! - Back from Chicago

My actual battle rep is going up on BOLS but I made it back and got 11th overall going 3-1. So a good time had by all :). I bought a lot of stuff (5 Rhinos, 3 Dreads, Scibor stuff) and had a blast doing some retail therapy.

If you look up to the right you can see a link to the Heroes of Armageddon. I will be helping this one as the leader of a Speed Freaks team :). So yeah the guy who likes orks gets to paint more orks. Hahaha. I plan on being the meat and potatoes guy who gets the main troop bulk of the army. I plan on trying to keep it fairly cohesive look wise and got some awesome convertors to work with me to create some bad ass stuff. Look for updates, models and all kinds of other things in the coming future.

So lets see - painting for the week.

Luis P
Necromunda - 10 Minis - built from last week
Necromunda - 10 Minis - in pieces
Right now I sit at 150 Necromunda painted

10 Iron Warriors - Built and Primed
Dark Eldar Guy - Built and Primed

John B
Blood Ravens - Start building - Most likely dreadnought first.

Michael S
Finish Ork Bomba! - if I can get my room cleaned up and other things this bastard is getting built damnit

New Logo top for Brent - Got the idea gonna get it done son!

So this was the debut of the Word Bearers and most likely their last game. I just wanted to paint the army and planned on selling it after finishing it. If you are interested, shoot me an email at GoatboyBOLS@gmail.com. Here is what would be included if you bought the army.

Wolf Lord/Wolf Guard Battle Leader on a bike - Powerfist, Storm Shield
Wolf Lord/Wolf Guard Battle Leader on a bike - Powerfist, Storm Shield
Wolf Lord/Wolf Guard Battle Leader on a bike - Wolf Claws
Wolf Priest on a bike
Wolf Priest/Rune Priest with Plasma pistol
5 Swift Claws one with a power weapon on horses
Attack Bike with Weapon (Multi-melta looks like a daemon)
Wolf Guard on a bike with Powerfist and Storm shield
Black Grey Hunters X 19, Meltaguns X 2, Flamer X 1, Mark of the Wolfen X 2, Both with Wolf Guard with Combi-Melta/Pwrfist
Red Grey Hunters X 8, Plasma gun, Mark of the Wolfen, Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon with Wolf guard with Combi-Plasma/Pwrfist
10 Wolf Scouts/Daemons - with Melta gun/Colored hand both with attached Wolf guard with Powerfist/Combi-Melta I used one as my chooser of the slain when I played the list.
4 Rhinos/Razorbacks - 3 with TWL Plasma/Lascannon, one with TWL Lascannon - magnetized - one is red and 3 are black
1 6 Man Long Fang with 5 ML
1 6 Man Long Fang with 3 HB, 2 ML and an attached Wolf Guard with CML and terminator armor

So yeah this is a long list of stuff - I am looking for $800.00 for the lot if anyone is interested. There is a lot of hand painted icons on the rhinos and other fun stuff in the army. That includes shipping to the states but if it goes overseas I will have to add a bit more just to cover it.

Current thought list for Grey Knights. I am pretty excited about the list and it will have to fight for my attention from the Iron Warriors. I will finish them first and then move onto Grey Knights. I have a client Grey Knights to do that is the exact same paint style so I should be ready to go with Grey Knights. Woohoo!

HQ: Crowe - 150pts - I don't care I got an idea on how to make him look cool with some Scibor stuff
HQ: Grand Knight Master, Psycannon - 220pts
Elites: Vindicare Assassin - 145pts
Troops: Purifiers X 10, Psycannons X 4, DH, Rhino - 325pts
Troops: Purifiers X 10, Psycannons X 4, DH, Rhino - 325pts
Troops: Purifiers X 10, Incinerators x 4, Halberds X 5, DH, Psybolt, Rhino - 315pts
Troops: GKT X 5, Psycannon, Halberds x 3, DH, Psycannon, Bro Banner - 250pts
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt - 135pts
Heavy: Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt - 135pts

2000pts on the nose. Lots of boots on the table top and some nice ranged shooting. Who knows if it will work - but it is a thought. Woohoo!

And finally some bags I did while at the con! Woohoo! Sorry about the lack of Minis - expect more to come mini wise soon as well as some art too.


Real G said...

Those bags are great. I'm going to have to get you to do mine... as soon as I figure out what I should put on there...

Chris Vinton said...

If only I could have sacked up and just bought a battle foam bag I would have had you scribble something on it. I stood at the booth maybe 5 times and every time my stomach would just knot up. I'm such cheap-ass.

Terminus Est said...

As always great to see ya Goatboy !!


Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I was like that too and finally just bought one. It is worth it. They are really the best bags out there.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

You too man you too!

Captain Obvious said...

We touched each other at Adepticon Goatboy....I had a moment i hope you did too ;)

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Always a moment with me hehehe.

Captain Obvious said...

i was extremely drunk.....i could have swore u said u knew me or something? I dont know. 10am to about 12am ish sunday morn were a complete drunken daze. I was on a Vodka endused rampage sorry to those in my path.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Hahaha - I am sure I met a ton of people - I won't forget faces but I am terrible with names. Either way Adepticon was a blast!

Zero said...

It was great to meet you Thomas. And thank you for the advice on GKs. (old asian guy with camera).