Saturday, April 9, 2011


So if you click on the link to the right - you get to look at what I will be helping with in the coming months. Yup that is right - this here Lucky Goatboy gets to do some charity work and paint up some Orks. I am heading the Speed Freaks army and you will start to see more orks pop up on this board. As well as the other awesome things I do from time to time. I've hit the ground running since coming back from Chicago and have kept up with my painting desires as well as some art stuff.

First of all - if you want me to draw on a bag come find me wherever I am playing at and I can draw on it. I know that isn't good for everyone - but I should be going to other events and shindigs. I will post where and when I go to these things. I think the next one is the Alamo GT (Which I should pay for next week!) and the ATC thing up in Atlanta when I am on team Jerk Face in the Face (not the name but I don't care I say what I want!). The plan for Alamo is Grey Knights so I ordered my army and hopefully will have it ready by May.

Lets see - first where am I at in the paint side of things.

Luis P
Necromunda - 10 Minis - Done!
Necromunda - 10 Minis - Done!
Right now I sit at 150 Necromunda painted

10 Iron Warriors - Done!
5 Iron Warrior Jump - Done!
Iron Warrior Rhino 2 - Done!
Iron Warrior Ostrich Dread 3 - Built!
GK Psyfleman Dread 1 - Built!

John B
Blood Ravens
Death Company Dread - Done!

Michael S
Finish Ork Bomba! - if I can get my room cleaned up and other things this bastard is getting built damnit

Brent Logo - Sent Design off for Approval
Michael E - Sent Drawing off for Approval
Thomas - Sent Drawing off for Approval
Steve T- Sent Drawing off for Approval

I am taking that bomber with me to work to mess with it tomorrow. Hopefully I can get a lot of it done so I can look at figuring out how to paint the jerk. Plus I have a Nurgle Baneblade to finish up too. I am currently waiting on initial payment for another Speed Freaks Army - it is hear waiting on Deposit as well as some upcoming CSM stuff, some more Grey Knight stuff, as well as other Grey Knight stuff. Lord I just like to paint. I have a feeling the Grey Knights might be the last marine army I plan on painting. I am almost done with the Iron Warriors and feel I am tired of painting marine armor. So will see if something new makes me have to paint it.

Again for anyone interested the Word Bearers are up for sale - $800.00 bucks includes the shipping to the States if you are interested. Last post had what is in the army and it looks pretty damned cool on the table top. I will probably throw it up on Ebay before long but if I could sell it direct it would be great. You can even email me if you want to offer me something else.

Here is a new bag I drew on - it is the Venture Brothers crew as if they were an Inquisitor crew. Yes the servo skull is Hank.

Also some minis I did. Woohoo!


TJ Atwell said...

It is a great charity to be a part of Goatboy and I am glad to see you chipping in as you are surely the best person for the job when it comes to speedfreaks! Your signature red glow now adds the bonus of making things go faster!

BTW, we are now pushing the GT idea we talked to you about at Adepticon, thanks for listening to our thoughts.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Bad ass - more GT's are better. Really at this point we are not getting the support we want so we have to make it for ourselves :).

Unknown said...

That Venture Brother's bag is fantastic! Best show ever!

Glen Murie said...

I have an Ork Battle Force Box sitting around and some painting skill. Would you like me to contribute the Bikes and the Trukk (painted) for the Speed Freeks force?

I'm on CMON as gmurie

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

We would love if you contributed man. That would rock!